Frank Field MP suggests GCSE in parenting to help "disadvantaged children" AKA singly mothered little bastards

Frank Field is still not addressing the problem of poverty. We actually want to stop parasites who are the spawn of slut and slapper single mums from breeding while encouraging those who are productive to breed. To do this, we abolish child benefit for all, which is really very simple. We also cut taxes and go cold turkey to kick our national addiction to welfare. Somehow liberals either cannot or refuse to get it.

Children should be taught parenting and life skills throughout their school years? What about not getting knocked up before you have been married? That would be easier to understand, wouldn't it?

One of the drivers in a child's future is its scummy benefit-scrounging unmarried single mother who got knocked up before she even left school.

Why are male politicians afraid of criticising these parasites? Is it because they have given them the vote and that they have all been ideologically castrated? Looks like it. The scandal is that Howard Flight was sacked. That is the *real* scandal. Frank Field would mumble on dully about how to help the poor, stupid, feckless and promiscuous, but the Tories should be talking about abolishing child benefit for all. But because he is an Etonian, most dumbed-down Britons think Cameron cannot possibly be a Pinko Commie.

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck ...


Anonymous said…
You revolting prick.
Claire Khaw said…
It would be more constructive if Anonymous had presented an argument or two.

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