The assumed gender of the doctor is female but the assumed gender of the lunatic is male

Assessment orders

Section 2 is an assessment order and lasts up to 28 days; it cannot be renewed. It can be instituted following an assessment under the Act by two doctors and an AMHP. At least one of these doctors must be a Section 12 approved doctor. The other must either have had previous acquaintance with the person under assessment, or also be a Section 12 approved doctor. This latter rule can be broken in an emergency situation where the person is not known to any available doctors and two Section 12 approved doctors cannot be found. In any case, the two doctors must not be employed in the same service, to ensure independence. Commonly, in order to satisfy this requirement, a psychiatrist will perform a joint assessment with a general practitioner (GP). A Mental Health Act assessment can take place anywhere, but commonly occurs in a hospital, at a police station, or in a person’s home.

If the two doctors agree that the person is suffering from a mental disorder, and that this is of a nature or to a degree that, despite his refusal to go to hospital, he ought to be detained in hospital in the interest of his own health, his safety, or for the protection of others, they complete a medical recommendation form and give this to the AMHP. If the AMHP agrees that there is no viable alternative to detaining the person in hospital, she will complete an application form requesting that the hospital managers detain the person. He will then be transported to hospital and the period of assessment begins. Treatment, such as medication, can be given against the person’s wishes under Section 2 assessment orders, as observation of response to treatment constitutes part of the assessment process.

It is rather sinister, is it not, that the gender of the person requesting the detention of the lunatic is assumed to be female, while the gender of the lunatic is assumed to male?

However, I am sure most men won't have noticed or really don't mind.  Most of them are too fucking thick and degenerate now anyway to know they are being insulted.  

Most of them are fine about this assumption anyway, aren't you, boys?  


Anonymous said…
I love you ! Feminism is killing Western society. It has and is destroying our sons and daughters. Good men and women need to rise up in numbers and raise hell, starting yesterday.We need to love our children enough to make every effort to eradicate the disease that has poisoned our culture. Locally, I've felt like a lone warrior in this battle, yet I continue because I know it is right.
Johnnyrvf said…
It is not so much that we males are thick and pathetically guffaw away as a defence, it is because we sentinent Alpha males are not in the least peturbed by the yapping of dogs ( or in this case bitches )

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