Advertising Andromeda's Sex Education Course

What do my readers think of the wording of this proposed ad?

"If you don't mind illegitimate grandchildren, ignore this ad. If you do, contact Andromeda."


Jeff Marshall said…
A superb ad, suitable for the back pages of Private Eye, perhaps.

What does Andromeda's Sex Education Course consist of?

Does it exist yet?
Andromeda said…

1. what the Abrahamic religions say about extra-marital and recreational sex (integrated with the study of Deuteronomy, Leviticus, Romans, the Koran where it mentions the punishment of adultery and homosexuality)

2. why they say what they say about extra-marital and recreational sex

3. why adultery could be considered qualitatively similar to homosexuality (being recreational and extra-marital sex) because of the way it is treated and punished in the Old Testament - both incur the penalty of death by stoning.

4. why adultery (caused by the deadly sin of lust) was considered injurious to society (It breaks up families and impoverishes the next generation as can be seen in the decline of Britain as a nation. British employers prefer foreign labour disgruntling the indigent indigenous who are less qualified because of the substandard education they received from state schools. State schools are educationally-crippled by the need to deal with the disruptive and unsocialised behavour of the illegitimate CHAVs who are in the majority in state schools. State schools then dumb down, causing a vicious circle of yet faster decline and yet deeper degradation. All this leads inevitably to the rise of the BNP.)

5. why homosexuality was considered a sin (the Kantian categorical imperative would demonstrate that homosexuality, if universalised, would result in the extinction of humanity) Without heterosexuals, there would be no homosexuals.

6. the natural role of men as competitors for female favours

7. the natural role of women as prizes and trophies to choose the man most worthy of her partnership and not to give of herself too freely

8. discussion of Shaw's adage: "The difference between marriage and prostitution is the difference between trade unionism and unorganised casual labour."

9. whether the prostitute who offers sex for money is morally superior to the woman who gives casual sex freely (The former provides an outlet for the release of sexual urges and has a certain societal function, the latter cheapens herself and the value of other women, risks unwanted pregnancy and illegitimate offspring, degrading the next generation.)

10. marriage as a gender-apportioned division of labour for the raising of offspring together (Reference will be made to Adam Smith's economic theories on specialisation and division of labour resulting in greater efficiencies.)

11. the consequences of unplanned pregnancy - man will be chased by Child Support Agency, woman will have her life chances diminished, for no man really wants to share a roof with another man's offspring (especially if they are badly brought up and they tend to be if the father is not around) and would inevitably prefer a woman who is free of biological "baggage"

12. a reminder that the age of consent is 16, ie GCSE age and a discussion of why it was once younger and why it was raised and why subsequently ignored

13. Who should one have sex with? (People we think we love is the minimum requirement, people we think love us is the next requirement, someone whom we love and who loves us is of course the ideal.)

14. The commodification of sex. Men as consumers are usually not that fussy because they use a scattergun approach to procreation. Women who are the providers of sex ought to be fussier for their own protection, because they are the first sufferers of unwanted pregnancy by a man who does not wish to become a husband and prove to be a good father

15. why ignorance of the 15 points leads to decline and fall when enough generations have been economically, spiritually, intellectually and morally impoverished, and the meaning of res ipsa loquitur

If you are not old enough to write an essay discussing these points sensibly, you are not old enough to have sex.

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