It's Mama's Fault! by Lex Dras - the hardcore solution

WHAT is your definition of a Slut or a Whore?

WHY do women attract crap in the first place (guys as well as in life)?

HOW do guys view women in various social scenes?
WHAT type of guy will marry a woman with kids and WHY?

WHY and HOW are single mothers producing psychologically and emotionally weak males?

WHEN does the destruction of the African-American Race begin and WHERE must we start to stop it?
Crime & H.S. Dropouts Emanating from Single Parent

The simple answer to the "Why are so many of our kids dropping out of school and going to jail?" is due to the circumstances into which the child is born.

The simple answer to the "How do we get them back on track?" is to destroy the old mindset and replace it with one where being a loser doesn’t fit. The more detailed explanations follow. When people ask "Why" questions it implies that one is trying to find the ROOT CAUSES and most do not want to know the real TRUTH, they want hear entertainment! I am certain a large segment of the population wants to pretend, and BELIEVE, that the reason our kids are so [explicative]-up is due to something else in the environment and not themselves.

Acknowledging the TRUTH is painful! The Truth causes one to look within ones-self and no one wants to take responsibility for a child’s debacle!

We will see how serious YOU out there are, according to how you respond, smack, dead, in-the-face-of, the facts and numbers. The painful truth is that 71% of all African-American births, in 2007, were to unwed mothers and single Black women. That is an increase of 56% since 1980; translation, it is getting worse! Now, compare that to 50% of all Hispanic and 28% of Caucasians births out of wedlock. If there is anyone who cannot see the long-term dire effects of this trend on the African-American race and the adverse consequences, this will cause to our futures, that person is a moron! If you know a woman that falls into the category of an unwed mother, well, I’m sorry but they did that!

Not the drug dealer, not the economy, not the schools, not the neighborhood, not the loser she hooked-up with … the female who gave birth did that! You prevent the birth of a child (born into such environments) (p.71), you will prevent that child’s statistical probable future. PERIOD!

In the military, there is a term called PMCS. For all of you non-military types, the term stands for Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services. What this means is that you perform measures to prevent a problem BEFORE there is a problem, not after-the-fact! We all heard the phrase, "Don’t start none, Won’t be none!"

The solution starts BEFORE conception and thus the child being born.

How do you get a [explicative]-up kid back on track? Well, consider the dynamics below and then tell me what one must do. By the time a child is 13 years old, their psyche is approximately 85% "crystallized!" What this means is that you are knocking up a brick wall if you are trying "soft" measures to change this child’s mindset.

Outside a traumatic event, turning that child’s world upside down and shattering that old psyche, in order to rebuild it, you may as well just chalk-that-kid-up as lost! "Soft" measures do not work! Those are the realities of the matter but again, it all goes back to people not willing to swallow the painful truth and then doing something about it!

Frankly, if we as a society, and definitely the families of such a child, do not allow "hardcore" measures to be instituted then we as a society, or they (the families), deserve whatever happens. If you want to prevent the need of taking a "hardcore" approach then you must kill the monster while it is little, as a mentor of mine would tell me! Now before everyone pulls out their guns and knives on me, this could mean several things:

First, this means that you must get inside the child’s head long before there are any signs of the downward cycle. Good luck with this approach!

Who’s going to perform this daunting task, the people in the toxic environment from which the child came? Yea, right! That’s why the kid is here!

The other is to stop giving birth under such circumstances that will inevitably lead to "that" type of kid. To those who question "…circumstances that will inevitably lead to ‘that’ type of kid."

Let’s look at some numbers to back this up. Now before you go over board B*tching & Moaning about how this is not true, no matter what stats you look at, they are all appalling (p.51)! To address drop-outs and jail:

Children from single-parent families, account for 80 percent of all prison inmates as stated in the Index of Leading Cultural Indicators.
As a side note, African-Americans account for 45-50% of the entire prison population but only 13% of the in the United States. Does anyone see a problem with these numbers?
In deep contrast, the Asian population accounts for approximately 45% of the Ivy League population but only 3% of the United States population. I guarantee you that vast majorities of Asian kids are not born to unwed mothers. Taking a wild guess, which population will fare better, in the United States and global economy, given these facts?

The Village Voice found that children brought up in single-mother homes are nine times more likely to drop out of high school and 20 times more likely to end up in prison then a two parent household. Two percent of the kids born to African-American single mother households make it to adulthood and become productive members of society (have never gone to prison and are TAX paying citizens). There is a reason for why these things occur and until we start taking off the blinders to what those reasons are, we will continue to produce the results we see today!

With all of this in mind, what are the steps we need to take to create National Programs that will turn this tide and begin to make a generational shift in thinking? National Programs that:

Install Foundational Fundamental Principles™ at the preschool level.

Change how a child views single parenthood. Introduce very young children to success principles. Change how children envision their future.

Of course, this is the "softcore" solution. The "hardcore" solution is to socially ostracise these people and openly call them sluts, slags and slappers. It's the only language these women will understand.

Vote: Should we make the connection between feminism, female promiscuity, family breakdown, the welfare state, national decline and confront it?
Peter Hitchens at explains exactly why no one else quite dares say what I have done.
It seems to me that I must myself take on this burden since even the big brave BNP are themselves too pussy-whipped to deal with these sluts, slags and slappers. (This is because they themselves are single parents or themselves singly-parented, or know friends and family who are.)
Only the other despised group, the Muslims, can save us now from ourselves now, for their religion tells them to enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil. They are not afraid of feminism, for one thing. Islam elegantly combines religion with philosophy, and demands that we walk the walk as we talk the talk.
To finally discover the purpose of Muslims in Britain has been a revelation indeed.


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