"Matriarchy generally equals poverty, Patriarchy equals wealth"

Cut and pasted from a comment Tom made:

Tom said...

The legal system's big time intrusion into peoples personal lives has turned marriage into a near guaranteed financial train wreak for an average guy.

This is the actual reality on the ground:


You can see how household are composed by area across the country, areas that are inhabited by the wealthy, single moms are not the majority. Where single moms are the majority you have a guaranteed high crime area and poverty. This is very consistent.

Matriarchy generally equals poverty, Patriarchy equals wealth. We are now seeing this sort itself out with the financial crises. I see a slow wealth redistribution. As the family and value structure changes the financial consequences follow. These are generational things and take time to realize.

The government has created many perverse intensives that destroy families, encourage irresponsibility and encourage dependence on the state.


Anonymous said…
Matriarchy isn't single parents or perhaps he should include patriarchy as single Dads. Good grief what a silly article.

Joe Simmons,.
Claire Khaw said…
Joe, if a patriarchy is a society that condones male promiscuity, then a matriarchy is a society which condones female promiscuity.

Of course we are a matriarchy. Have you not noticed how taxpayers are compelled to pay promiscuous unmarried women to have illegitimate children at their expense?
Anonymous said…
No, feckless fathers who abandon their children leave their burden to the tax payer.

Why is a society based upon the merits of sex(not gender)? Promiscuity has nothing to do with who controls a society. Have a look at the best jobs and highest earners, the politicians and that will give
you all the insight you need into what this society is....I'll give you a clue, it is not Matriarchal.
Claire Khaw said…
You seem to think that women are so infantilised that they do not know not to drop their knickers and let any Tom, Dick and Harry knock them up, especially if they are not married.

But you are probably right. They have been infantilised by the welfare state, which is the root of all evil.

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