Woman, thy name is Bail-Outism, Nanny Statism and Self-Destructive Masochism

And that is why most women should be disenfranchised.

Women get in the way of a small state and rational government because they constitute half the electorate and male politicians are taking orders from these parasites, bad mothers and bad employees who can't think their way out of a paper bag.  

Women are always being in the dishonorable position of wishing to wound but being afraid to strike.  (cf Michael Portillo)

They are of course waiting for some man to come along and squash that bug or kill that mouse or whatever vermin that is upsetting them.

Unfortunately for these women all these decades of feminism have fatally infected men, who now think and behave like women.  (After all, the conquered naturally ape the manners and the morals of their conquerors.)  Men now are afraid to squash that bug.  Not only are most British men mice these days, they are also afraid of mice.

Is Britain finally fucked?

Should all non-whites especially Muslims join the BNP and at least get a resettlement grant so they can depart  this country with £50,000 and leave the whites to stew in their own decadent and degraded juices?

After all, there isn't much point in living in a country whose political elite are so spineless they take orders from promiscuous female parasites who are harridans, bad mothers, single mothers, bad employees and non-taxpayers without even so much as an effeminate squeak of protest, is there?


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