Self -destructive masochism of the female of the species

Most women cannot control their children. Most women are single mothers these days. Ergo most children are out of control.

It's true. Women instinctively feel they have to put up with things.

It's not even women, it is also the female of the species.

A nature documentary showed two female beetles with their young.

One was a good mother, the other not.

The young of the bad mother migrated to the nest of the good mother, basically eating her out of house and home and making her have to work twice as hard to feed all of them.

Eventually she died of exhaustion, after which her charges were filmed devouring her in act of cannibalism. 


Anonymous said…
Most mothers work, over two thirds. Over half of single mothers also work. 70% of all working aged women are employed.

So perhaps you could start that one again? Your basis for that little rant is completely and factually incorrect.

Anonymous said…
less than a quarter of children are raised by a lone parent.
Claire Khaw said…
46% of babies are born out of wedlock.

12 legs, I do not know which proposition in my post you are challenging.
Anonymous said…
Essentially the idea that most women are single mothers.
Claire Khaw said…
I would say every other female friend of mine is a single mother.

I know this is anecdotal but I think most people would say the same, statistically.

After all 46% of babies born in Britain are born out of wedlock. says 44% but that was in 2007.
Anonymous said…
Official stats say you're wrong. Over half single mothers work, two thirds of all mothers work.
Leos Tomicek said…
Add to this about 50% divorce rate and even if 54% of children are born in marriages, most marriages fail.
Anonymous said…
These women are friends with you, do they know what you write about them? Good god, I'm glad I'm not your friend.

Claire Khaw said…
They don't tend to read my stuff, not being interested in politics, you see! Anyway, I respect their privacy and never mention names.
Claire Khaw said…
Leos, I have been reliably informed that most divorces are initiated by the wife.
Anonymous said…
Add to this? 12legs quotes stats, I've checked and they're UK gov. stats. Why would you add to this? This is a snapshot statistic not a changing one. At any given time 70% of all women work.

Women divorce because men aren't up to the job or have affairs. Equal rights mean women are no longer destitute when a marriage fails.


[bangs head hard on desk wondering where some people get their rather out moded ideas from]
Claire Khaw said…
70% of women work. This figure presumably includes mothers.

Maybe this explains why British youth is delinquent, under-achieving, riddled with STIs, obese and suffering from an unwanted pregnancy?

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

Maybe that is why our government is so shite - because the hand that rocks the cradle is a bad mother, a bad employee, possibly unmarried, probably divorced - in short, a woman of dubious morals.

Glad you mentioned men. Men are shite because feminism turns them into shite. That is why they are mostly stupid, scared and skint.
curiepoint said…
Women divorce because men aren't up to the job or have affairs. Equal rights mean women are no longer destitute when a marriage fails.

Ah's always men's fault. Never mind the fact that no-fault divorce is the law of the land, and most divorces filed are for this reason; which is to say no reason at all, or in the most charitable of descriptions:

"I am not happy because my husband doesn't keep me delighted and entertained."

As far as men cheating, happens, and it's disgraceful. Yet when women do it, it's empowerment.

For the simple reason of a husband not being an adequate fantasy mechanic, he is penalized with loss of his wife, his home, and his children. More often than not, this single motherhood thing is being brought about by women's own hands. They shouldn't moan and complain that life isn't some sort of carnival for her delight.

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