Women will shoulder nearly three-quarters of the burden of cuts, says Yvette Cooper


Is it because this would so neatly demonstrate how parasitical unmarried mothers are?
Women will shoulder nearly three-quarters of the burden, eh?

They are the burden!

There should be a taxpayers' movement to protest against this practice of forced marriage of single mothers (who are a burden on the taxpayer) with the taxpayer who is expected to support them.

What the South Asians do is at least rational - not wanting their daughter to marry some low-life loser or their son to marry some promiscuous slattern.

In this country we have a decades-long policy of allowing stupid sexually incontinent women to have sex with low-life losers who are not their husband and looking to the taxpayer to pick up the pieces.

Why are we too stupid and afraid to even say "enough is enough"?

Is it because already 46% of babies born in Britain are born out of wedlock?  (This means that roughly every other person in this country is the product of an act of copulation between a low-life loser, or a promiscuous slattern, or a low-life loser, I guess, and they constitute about half the electorate.  Our gutless politicians - with the exception of Labour's morally courageous Tom Harris MP, whom I am proud to claim as my Facebook friend, are too afraid of pointing this out for fear of losing votes.)



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