WANTED: attractive marriageble men prepared to declare an official marriage strike

PR stunt on behalf of men to bring women to their senses.

Please list your attractions and the attributes a woman must have, or the conditions she must agree to, before you will marry her.

Please also join http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=121566994537384&ref=search

If you do you may find a suitable woman who will abide by your rules.  Please note that I am prepared to help you broker the deal. 


curiepoint said…
This is no PR stunt. Men are turning away from marriage simply because it's a bad deal for them, plainly and simply. Women have been saying this for decades, so no harm no foul.

This is not really a question of what I would find attractive in a woman, or what she would have to agree to. In order for marriage to be a remote possibility for consideration, the laws and societal views would have to change. In these days, marriage is considered just another accessory of life, with absolutely no consideration given as to what marriage is supposed to mean. Of course, this may well be the enduring paradigm of the ages. I refuse to accept it, and refuse to submit to this bastardized definition. This institution as I would like to see it is dead and buried.
Claire Khaw said…
If I do not succeed in changing the laws of this country, would my concept of Domestic Partnership (posted on this blog) be of interest to you?

Which laws would you like changed?

Would re-introducing fault in divorce do the trick?
Leos Tomicek said…
Wives are for children, I have heard. Today you can lose your kids plus a great deal of your property, hence marriage strike.
Adolfo said…
Well, not exactly a marriage strike. As soon as WWIII ends, I am going shopping bride to Ukraine, Brazil or Cuba. I don’t want a marriage but a business. I want from her:
To have a cozy home (clean and ordered). I like minimalist furniture and decoration, so it’s not a big deal of a house work.
To keep herself fit (I will pay for yoga lessons).
To be groomed all the time.
To cook a wide variety of dishes, (I am willing to pay up to US$5,000 for cooking lessons for her).
To know how to dance salsa (I am willing to pay up to US$1,000 for salsa dancing lessons, although if I picked up a Cuban lady I’d save that money).
To have two children (I am open to have a third child if she wants to).
To stop working out of home as long as our children are under six.
To make a correct use of language (the bad words and slang shit is on my own).
To be updated in world news (reading the paper is fine).
To have our children clean and behaved, also in public.
Not to give our children any kind of religious education, neither allow anyone to do it.
Not to make a big deal if she ever knows that I shagged another woman once in a while.
I am willing to:
Give my house to her and our children.
Work as hard as I can to get the means to have a good living for our family.
To give them my protection.
Once our children are over six, I am going to give her the means and support to go back to work or to have her own business if she wants to.
Not to give our children any kind of religious education, neither allow anyone to do it.
My sarcastic sense of humor.
Curiepoint said…
I am one of those people who does not believe in living with any woman that is not his wife or close relative. It isn't about my moral codes as much as it is just simpler and with far more to gain (and keep) by living a solitary life, rather than with someone who is a contentious presence. Sharing is fine, but if one does not need to do so, why enter into any such agreement, domestic partnership or not? Roomates are a pain in the butt, regardless of the gender.

There is a point to ponder regarding changing the laws of the land to enforce true equity. A good start would be to penalize severely adulterers who wreck a marriage, with any and all rights to joint property and custody rendered completely forfeit. Next, I would make pre-nup agreements mandatory, and rigidly enforced.
In any case, the current body of laws does not explicitly state that men should always be held accountable and at a legal disadvantage; it's the attitude of the judges, women, and society in general that create the situation for men that exists today. Until these change, there won't be any movement towards justice.

Any implicit trust that once existed between men and women is now utterly destroyed. I will never trust a woman in any intimate manner ever again. To my mind, that is a small price to pay for my peace of mind. Above any other desires men possess, I think peace of mind trumps all the others.
Claire Khaw said…
Thank you, Adolfo. That is exactly what I was hoping for! I hope others will join in.
Leos Tomicek said…
Extensive list there Adofo. I would agree with most of the articles on the list, although to my knowledge, East European women tend to be spiritually charged. You will not be able to escape some form of religion at home.
Claire Khaw said…
It is probably their religion that makes them practice family values, Adolfo. You can't have one without the other is probably the awful truth.

Family values is boring and cannot be done without the fear of God instilled into one, probably.
Anonymous said…
Family values need God...what a pile of shit. Plenty of atheist households are perfectly moral.
Claire Khaw said…
This country is predominantly atheist. Predominantly atheist countries tend not to do family values. Fewer people who follow their faith sincerely have illegitimate children. That is a fact.
Anonymous said…
Any research to support this horseshit?

Less than 16% of UK citizens are without faith....

Fucking hell do your research.

Adolfo said…
Andromeda, Leos,
Yes, I know. I have been to Russia and Ukraine and I got two problems with the local girls. First of all is that they are not religious, but very sensitive about practicing some Orthodox Christian rituals, also in Easter. Although I am an Atheist I have to concede that such rituals are very colorful and impressive, you feel the weight of History when you are in there (you can say the same when you watch the Red Army parading in the Red Square at the feet of Lenin’s Tomb or when you visit Stalingrad, now Volgograd). Anyway, women are very flexible and as far as I have watched feminine nature they stand almost anything, they just want a man to show them a purpose in life. I am pretty confident that I can convince one of those girls that it’s possible to have an honest and productive life without believing in an almighty entity. My second problem with former Soviet girls is that they are too tall since my height is just 1.72 m (and a friend of mine has warmed me that Ukrainian girls could be very nice and horny with any tourist, but they and their families are not very enthusiastic about intermarrying with brownies neither blacks).
Claire Khaw said…
Less than 16% of the UK do not have a faith? Where did you get that from then? Most of the people I know do not follow any organised religion. Vaguely believing in God does not really have an effect on our behaviour or actions.
Anonymous said…

The office of statistics. You said the UK is predominantly atheist and that simply isn't true.
Anonymous said…
And weren't the Catholic Priests pretty religious? Didn't stop their evil did it? And son't get me started on what is acceptable in the worlds most oppressive religion, talk about control...control is does not make people good,m it makes people controlled.
Claire Khaw said…
Jules, I am aware of some statistic like this, but it does not tally with my perception that most people I meet are not religious.

I suppose you are aware of the difference between a Cultural Christian and someone who genuinely practises his or her faith?

Catholics priests are celibate. All sorts of perversions manifest themselves when you suppress normal human sexuality.

I did not say all religion is good, merely that the Abrahamic faiths all promote family values.

Judaism is failing because of its racial exclusiveness.

Christianity is now just PC-liberalism.

Islam is the most effective promoter of family values. You don't even have to like Muslims to say that.
Anonymous said…

I accept that for some more weak minded people Islam seems to offer a guiding light. It is a very controlling religion, what you can wear, eat, who will be saved (and it ain't only sinners going to hell[sic]) who is good and who is not. I can't help thinking that my family values are very removed from Islam, I believe in gender equality, I believe in monogamy. I am alarmed by the growing numbers of Muslims, moreso by Islam and what it represents. A religion that can persuade a woman to live a sub existence, by covering, and men to believe in the promise of virgins to commit murder can keep it's family values, thank you.

Whilst many people you mix with don't practice faith I mix with many church goers, much more prevalent than I ever imagined. I think many people become more religious once they become parents.
Claire Khaw said…
The growth of Islam is but a reaction to extremist liberalism.

I firmly believe that the Koran is in fact capable of being interpreted in a way that will result in reasonable outcomes.

There is no need to adopt the kind of Islam you hate and fear, the ugly burka, niqab-wearing kind.

This nation is capable of imposing its own interpretation on the Koran. Sadly however, the Islamophobes are too afraid of reading it even to find out.
Anonymous said…
The Koran reads like a violent idiots guide to the Old testament. It's like the Bible without anything nice.
Claire Khaw said…
You haven't read it, I just know you haven't. Lots of people who hate Muslims just can't bring themselves to do so.
Anonymous said…
I have read it cover to cover. It is far more literal than the Bible.
Claire Khaw said…
So which verse do you object to?
Anonymous said…
sura al-Hajj XXII: 2

Amongst many. Obviously the references to violence against women or infidels is a no brainer, literally you have to be brainless to follow it. And you have to believe in a very mean spirited God too.
Claire Khaw said…
YUSUFALI: The Day ye shall see it, every mother giving suck shall forget her suckling-babe, and every pregnant female shall drop her load (unformed): thou shalt see mankind as in a drunken riot, yet not drunk: but dreadful will be the Wrath of Allah.
PICKTHAL: On the day when ye behold it, every nursing mother will forget her nursling and every pregnant one will be delivered of her burden, and thou (Muhammad) wilt see mankind as drunken, yet they will not be drunken, but the Doom of Allah will be strong (upon them).
SHAKIR: On the day when you shall see it, every woman giving suck shall quit in confusion what she suckled, and every pregnant woman shall lay down her burden, and you shall see men intoxicated, and they shall not be intoxicated but the chastisement of Allah will be severe.

This is the verse you refer to.

It describes the Last Day, ie the Day of Reckoning, and therefore apocalyptic.


Being an atheist, I ignore all the promises of heaven and threats of hell.

If you have been good, everything will be sorted in the way that would make your goodness worthwhile.

If you have been bad, you will be punished as you deserve.

It is more dramatic and vivid than the Christian version.

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