How to defeat Left Liberalism

Defeat Feminism, which is the Foundation and Source of stupid toxic cancer-causing Left Liberal Commie Pinko ideas.

No violence is required, only the use of Reason and Logic.  We all know most women, and, increasingly, more men nowadays who have been feminised and emasculated by Feminism, are in fact incapable of understanding and using these concepts to their advantage and will only end up having hissy fits about how offended they are with you and how evil you must be for upsetting them with the expression of your views.

  1. Make the case that men and women who "reason" with their emotions should be disenfranchised.
  2. Make the case that those who pay no taxes should have no vote, instantly disenfranchising slut single mums who are a burden on the state together with their offspring, who in most cases are useless criminal sluts and bastards who breed the next generation of useless criminal sluts and bastards at the expense of the non-slut and non-bastard section of the population who have jobs and pay taxes and are productive.  


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