The CRB check is a Paedophile Tax

Not a Paedo?  Then why are you paying it?  Cos you have SHIT for brains and your matriarchal government has SHIT for brains.

Apparently, if your child is in secondary school and want to do a French exchange scheme, say, your entire family would have to have a CRB check.

I had previously thought this would apply on to those in your family over 18, but not so, according to

So, you and your partner (if you are not a single mum) would have to have a CRB check.

However, if that child has a father who is Muslim and has 4 wives, 5 CRB checks would be required.

If each of these wives had 4 children then they would presumably need to have CRB checks too.

Your children might abuse your French exchange guest either physically or sexually so they would need a CRB check too.

After all the two little bastards who tortured to death Jamie Bulger for their entertainment were only 11 and the age of criminal responsibility is 10.

Also, this system favours the single mum and penalises the married person whose spouse is still living with him or her.

This is the SHIT you get when you let feminists run your government. Feminism leads to paedophilia and the Paedophile Tax.

Feminism is SHIT and feminism is the shit they make British children learn at schools.

What is feminism? It is about creating SSMs, not criticising them, tolerating homosexuals, allowing them to marry each other and fining B&B owners for not wanting to do business with them.

Who represents feminism? Why, ALL the political parties, including the BNP (whom you would expect to have some idea of the basics of racial health and hygiene because they used to promote family values, but the female partners of most of BNP members are SSMs these days, and those who do not have partners know they cannot afford a wife and are hoping to have no-strings sex from an SSM). mentions how most single mums expect to be fucked and forgotten, and won't make too much of a fuss.

Feminism is SHIT and don't you forget it.


They pay up because their brains have been turned to SHIT, their guts turned to piss and their balls turned to mince by feminism.

Don't expect the men of Britain to say anything though.  They are just women with penis extensions.  You can't do anything with these useless effeminate emasculated bastards because British men feel no shame in Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland.

And what if you have a lodger? He or she may be a paedo too, as well as you, your partner, your partner's other partners and your partner's partners' offspring who may share the same home as you and have physical and sexual access to that hypothetical French exchange student ....

Is there a French equivalent of the CRB?

If not, why not?

Don't they have a paedo problem like Britain?

If not, why not?

Why are French children better behaved than Anglo Saxon ones?

Why are French mothers better than British mothers?

Why are French men sexier than British men?

Why are French women sexier than British women?

Is it because British women are cheaper than French women?

Why do the French have Marine Le Pen but the British Nick Griffin?


Adolfo said…
Mmm… Hard to say. It’s not an easy question. I spent three weeks in France some years ago. I was sent to Paris and Toulouse to work on a one-week project, and then I took my very much delayed year vacations. French are a little complex and contradictory. They take a great pride of their secular institutions and how not a single religion can claim for any privilege; however the raising of Islam is not only evident but it’s ‘claiming for privileges’ (in France it’s prohibited to held religious ceremonies in public, you don’t see a Catholic Mass on the streets, however you can see Muslim ceremonies in many no-go zones in the worst shitholes of Greater Paris. French claim to have a race-blind society, however you can see how even French born Catholic Black citizens from Martinique and Guadeloupe are not welcome, also in the countryside. Progressivism and Leftism is the official religion of every politician and political party, no matter its brand. Welfarism, Feminism, and other -isms are taken for granted, however they haven’t reached the ridiculous levels of, let’s say, the USA and UK. You see the fruits of Feminism everywhere; French women have the same opportunities and rights of any man. They can go to college and have a career. They are also putting horrendous tattoos in their bodies; they are getting fat and dressing like men. However, they are procreating more than ever. If I remember well, about 56% of all the natural population growth of Europe comes from babies born to French women, and illegitimacy is still marginal, by now. How come all of this? My theory is that, although the French live in a similar ideological background found in other modern states (like the UK and the rest of the Europe) where Feminism and Welfarism reigns, one practical trait of French people has kept them grounded –their permanent search for pleasure. ‘To work to live’; and not the German formula of ‘To live to work!’ If you want to enjoy the finer pleasures of live (travelling, a nice house, nice food, nice clothes, movies, women, etc.) you need to have a more or less ordered life. If you have an irresponsible promiscuous life sooner than later you are going to pay a price, and that price is not going to allow you to enjoy the amenities listed above. One of my professors at college who studied in France once told me: ‘French are like radishes -they have a red skin but the core is white’ He meant that French are progressive and leftist in public but conservatives at home. Anyway, I think France is walking on thin ice. If they make some little amendments, they can still have their fun for a long time; if not, they are going to go off the cliff like… like... like… the UK.
Anonymous said…
You two are extremely stupid people. The good thing though is that the ideas you so vehemently oppose, like feminism, are here forever snd will never be undone so all people like you can do is complain impotently on the internet. Such sad, bitter lives, what a waste.
Claire Khaw said…
I am sure the people of Sodom and Gomorrah thought they would be around forever.

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