If I had a million pounds ....

If I had a million pounds I would offer it as prize money to any card-carrying feminist who makes the best case against feminism.


I would love to award the prize to Suzanne Moore, my favourite feminist, who was once my Facebook friend, but who has now blocked me on Twitter and is telling everyone who will listen to her to block me and who will also be judging the Orwell Prize for blogging (which I have been entering since 2010), together with another judge with Labour associations Hopi Sen.

This is just my pathetic little attempt to bribe her with my thought present of £1,000,000.  Otherwise, I know I haven't got a chance of even making it to the longlist, with two judges with Labour loyalties who would LOATHE me for my BNP associations.

It should be noted that the Orwell Prize has never awarded its blogging prize to anyone who is not obviously a liberal (unless they are gay, as in the case of last year's Graeme Archer (described at the Orwell Prize website as a "civilly-partnered vegetarian Tory who ... writes on the ConservativeHome website, about Tory politics and London life mainly"), and it is widely known that the Conservative Party is no longer Conservative since 2002 when Theresa May and her ilk took over and started being nice to Slut Single Mums).

I am prepared to have sex with a woman too, if that would  help.   If Suzanne is interested in having sex with me, she should get in touch, or she may wish to give me the name of an attractive feminist friend of hers for me to have sex  with.


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