Feminism is Communism. The Red is not UNDER your bed, she is ON YOUR BED

Men are helpless against this scourge because feminism bribes them with cheap sex and easy women.

Feminism emasculates men by making it OK for them to be stupid, irrational, emotional and self-pitying - just like women.

If sex is a drug then women are the SUPPLIERS.   The first few fucks are always free, and then you are HOOKED.

Women supply men with sex to CONTROL them.

Probably, the blowjob was invented by a woman (probably a mother) to make her crying infant son shut the fuck up.

Men are now infantilised because bribing men with sex is like bribing children with sweets.    


Dulantha said…
False communism is not for community. False communists have no other policies except economical policies. They know only how to eat, how to drink and how to sleep. Western feminism is not practical, it is based on the hypocrisy of men and not based on the femininity. All of feminists are showing a false femininity for cheating on men who have real male feelings.
Claire Khaw said…
Feminist Communism is false, as you say, since it is women taking the money of men to go shopping and to bail them out when they mess up their lives.

It also fuels consumerism. Single women comfort themselves with shopping and plastic surgery when they cannot find a man.

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