Single Mums are a degree ABOVE grandparents

Jane Jackson, a grandmother tells Yasmin Alibhai Brown how her ex-daughter had her revenge on her ex-mother-in-law when she withheld contact between her 11 year old daughter (whom she has not seen for 4 years) and her ex-husband and by extension her paternal grandparents.

Shut the fuck up if you have a shit daughter-in-law. Don't you dare criticise her or she will shit on you by depriving you of all contact with all your grandchildren that that son of yours has had by her when she divorces your son, even if he has done nothing wrong, and takes half his stuff.  If you have given your son half his stuff, you will have given half your stuff to that evil bitch of an ex-daughter-in-law who will deprive you of your grandchildren.

What do you think that evil bitch of an ex-daughter-in-law might do?

Well, she might let your grand-daughter have sex or even under-aged sex under the former matrimonial home of your son, and even let her get knocked up, again and again and again ...

What a lovely thought, eh?

Yep, shut THE FUCK UP, granny and grandpa if you don't like your daughter-in-law and she does stupid, vicious things.  Bite your tongue.

Are you really surprised that no wisdom now gets passed on from old to young, in our debased, depraved and degraded nation?

All truth and wisdom is considered offensive to the foolish and ignorant, don't you know, and the young are no longer expected to respect their elders and betters by taking criticism meekly and politely.

Honour killing begins to make some sense to me now.


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