The male ego is a fragile thing and needs to be wrapped in cotton wool by women

The male ego is a fragile thing, perhaps even more fragile than the female ego.

The female at least has the option of talking about her emotions with her female friends.  This is not open to men, because we know that any display by a man of his weakness to his peers would result in loss of status.  As for displaying weakness to women, that would be even more disastrous.  

While it is easy to get sex with women of their own age, they actually want their women to be less sexually experienced, and not say things like "My last lover was so much more experienced and gave me so much more pleasure than you" and that kind of thing, which is devastating to men, especially if they are dumped because of that.

I think that is the reason why you get more men who are paedophiles these days.

On the whole, men prefer their women to be passive and appreciative and not be showing off all the tricks in bed they have learnt in their long, promiscuous and varied sex life.

Because most women - even under-aged teenage schoolgirls - are already sexually experienced - men find themselves having to go younger and younger for the kind of passive appreciation and inexperience they crave for.

The reason why men prefer blonds is that blond hair is something children have, which would suggest that men deep down prefer their women to be like children so they can assert authority over them.  


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