The Lily-Livered Libertarian Philip Booth of the Institute of Economic Affairs

Philip Booth - the lily-livered libertarian who let the side down because he was afraid of  Dame Jenni, Grand Matriarch of Britain

"A report out today says British women are facing a shockingly high price for motherhood as they are forced into lower skilled, part-time work after having children. Joining Jenni are Vidhya Alakeson from the Resolution Foundation and author of report out today, and Professor Philip Booth, an economist and director at the Institute of Economic Affairs."

My thoughts as I heard Philip Booth on Woman's Hour.   (Do men who go on Woman's Hour become women while they speak, I wonder.)

"Child care costs have rocketed", says Philip. "Extraordinarily expensive even after subsidies," he went on to say.

Oh come on, Philip, SAY IT, SAY IT, SAY IT, say that mothers with young children should not be working.

Why train women to be engineers if they are just going to take maternity leave and inconvenience their employers? Employers might as well hire men who can afford to support their wives to stay at home looking after their children without sending them out to work.

Nope. He didn't say it. Philip didn't say it at all. Why are British men such incorrigible PUSSIES?

I wonder why Philip didn't suggest repealing the Equality Act.

Does he think he might be sacked from his part-time job at Brighton University then, if he dared to say anything as HERETICAL and libertarian as that?

Would Dame Jenni have given him the same treatment as she meted out to poor Oliver James when he suggested that working mothers might harm the development of their young children?

Perhaps he was afraid of being told off by Dame Jenni because he is a frightened little boy rather than a man who is supposedly a libertarian with a message to give to the Grande Dame Matriarch that is Dame Jenni. 

Most white liberal middle class men are the perfect illustration of the term "lily-livered". 

The awful thing is that they actually feel no shame about their cowardice and you can't get them to do anything. Libertarian men, especially, really are beyond contempt. is a list of tweeters who have blocked me from following their tweets.  Quite a few of them are libertarian men, eg Tim Aker, Simon Richards, Guido Fawkes, James Delingpole.

Did they do that because of my BNP associations (I haven't got a racist bone in my body unless wanting to help the white working classes is racist) or because I have dared to challenge the Matriarchy and they fear guilt by association?


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