Eugenic reasons why a man should choose his woman and why women should not be sluts

"A man should choose his woman."

This was what Temujin's father conceded to him when Temujin decided he wanted a wife other than the one chosen for him.

All real men should always choose their female partners, but it is the case that these days most men just sit around  looking pretty, and they will eventually be picked up by a woman impatient to find a male partner.

Because feminism allows women to make the first move, men find that it is easier to just wait for the female to make the first move.

Most men are afraid of REJECTION, you see. Therefore, the cautious man will just wait for the offers of sex from impatient single and looking women to arrive. Some even target not particularly attractive women who are only good for one-off sex, because they think she is less likely to say no than someone more attractive but more likely to say no.

However, women who offer no-strings sex to timid men afraid of rejection are doing themselves no favours because timid men are by definition sub-alpha.

They may be confident that the timid sub-alpha male would not decline sex from them, but what they have got is a sub standard kind of man - a timid kind of man who does not even like her enough or have the courage to make the first move or a man with meagre financial resources who cannot afford to entice her with the quality of his hospitality and entertainment.

Women shouldn't be seen to choose their men and must go through the motions of manipulating him into making the first move.

This is because even if the man you have reluctantly decided to settle on is a sub alpha too stupid, scared and skint to make the first move, you still have to make him feel dominant or you will end up bullying him and attacking his masculinity even more, reducing him to an utter wreck which will make you despise him even more.

This may in time tempt you into adultery, leading to the break-up of your marriage, to the disadvantage of your offspring.

If enough women do this sort of thing (which they already do) it will lead to the qualitative deterioration of the next generation (which it already has).

It has been said that it only takes a stupid woman to manage a clever man, but a clever woman to manage a stupid man.

That is why men need to be more masculine, for the good of their society and their nation. To make most men seem more alpha - because, let's face it, most of them are not that up to being alpha - women have to become more feminine.  Secretly, most men are afraid of women, because they know they cannot resist an offer of apparently no-strings sex, and, if they fall in love, they can end up having their feelings very hurt.  Yes, it is risky, and, a life of biting your tongue does not sound very appealing to the modern sexually liberated female who has a career and speaks her mind, but these are the sacrifices we must make to make Britain a stronger nation whose people are mostly rational, resourceful and robust rather than illegitimate, innumerate and illiterate, disabled, mentally deficient and autistic with behavioural, mental health and substance abuse problems who are a burden on the taxpayer.

The clever woman would need the self-control to restrain herself from speaking her mind to her stupid husband so as not to attack his masculinity while manipulating him into doing the thing she wants him to do.

There is always the nuclear option. "You are not a man at all, are you, because a man would do [the thing I want you to do for me that you don't want to do that I am trying to make you do]" That is usually quite devastating.

He can always argue that not doing the thing required and desired of him is not unmanly, but rather prudent and foresightful, because etc.

Many men think feminism is cheaper because these days women are expected to pay their own way while allowing their male partners sexual access to them. But not in the long run, because your entire civilisation pays the price.

By encouraging females to choose their male partners carefully the quality of the next generation goes up.

Allowing females to make bad reproductive choices while fearing to challenge them because of the supremacy of feminism has caused the quality of masculinity and the next generation to deteriorate alarmingly in our lifetimes.

High crime, low standards of behaviour and educational standards is entirely due to the fact most British women are cheap and easy.

res ipsa loquitur.

However, the BNP - a party that you would have thought would care about the quality of the next generation of white people - actually expelled me for trying to point this out, because their membership consists mostly of the illegitimate and the parents of illegitimate children whom they are afraid of offending.

If the BNP themselves are incapable of supporting family values, just like the LibLabCon, then Britain's descent down its slippery slope to decline and extinction continues apace.

There is a strange irony that it takes a female and a foreigner to point this out to an entire country that seems to be conspiring to appear not to understand what is after all only common sense in order to avoid having to deal with its implications.

The implication is of course that feminism (which condones female promiscuity and protects women from the consequences of their actions) is bad for Britain.

I would be quite happy to be interviewed by an entire panel of Jeremy Paxmans, but no one in the BBC dares to even discuss it, precisely because they know that the moment it is discussed, all I need do is give Liberal Feminism a firm gentle push for the whole stinking rotten matriarchal edifice to come crashing down.  That is why they block me from following them on Twitter and pretend I do not exist.

But it is only a matter of time before one of them breaks ranks.

Nationalists should know that Liberalism and Feminism - ideologies that desecrate that institutions of Marriage and Family are anti-Eugenic.   Christianity has joined forces with Liberalism and Feminism now, because the Church is stuffed with Communists, Liberals and Feminists now.   Only Islam is Eugenic, because only Islam promotes family values supported by marriage in theory and in practice.

But Nationalists are afraid of discussing eugenics these days, because they are mostly stupid, scared, ignorant and think eugenics is about doing what Hitler did.   That is another sign of matriarchal degeneracy, by the way.   Eugenics as far as I am concerned, is about reconsecrating the institution of Marriage, but they are all too slut and bastard to understand this now.   


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