"There is a rotten apple, Jim, right at the top of the tree."

John Hurt talks about Tinker Tailor


"There is a rotten apple, Jim, right at the top of the tree."

It seems to me that John Le Carre was trying to say something about women, all those years ago.  The words are chilling and sinister and sent a shiver down my spine.  It ought to send a shiver down men's spines too, but most young men these days would only display puzzlement and then indifference.  They wouldn't get it at all, you see.

Some forms of gangrene makes the affected limb go numb.   Ignore it (because you no longer feel any pain) and you will DIE.

Gangrene Symptoms
Dry gangrene:
The affected area becomes cold and numb.
Initially, the affected area becomes red.
Then, it develops a brown discoloration.
Finally, it becomes black and shriveled.

A fish rots from the head down.

http://thebattlefieldoflove.blogspot.com/2011/09/perverse-subjection-of-men-to-women-in.html explains.   


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