Tuesday, 7 February 2012

"There is a girl on Facebook ... " or The Evil of a Promiscuous Woman

There is a [white girl] girl on Facebook called X.  She doesn't like blokes wearing condoms and she got pregnant by a Jamaican bloke who has done a runner.  She has given away the baby away for adoption as it ruined her social life.  And she used to be respectable.  She has a degree.  I [a white male BNP buddy of mine] even offered to be the father as I don't care that the baby is black but it seems like she doesn't want any help.  Pure evil."

She went with a black bloke because I had an Asian girlfriend.  And she still thought I was racist for uploading BNP videos. I think she wanted to  spite me.  She had unprotected sex with black men to prove she wasn't racist.  The world is going mad.

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