What sex has to with the state of the nation

What connection there may be between the sexual partners we choose and current levels of immigration I really do not know. I would surprised if you are able to establish that one is actually the cause of the other."

Let me explain then.

Our schools teach the children it is OK to have sex once they have reached secondary school.

11 year old mother, 13 year old father stories are not uncommon.

Society and schools make excuses for their behaviour and dumb down education to bend over backwards to accommodate the kind of children these child-parents are going to bring up.

This would explain the uselessness of state education.

The uselessness of British state education makes British employers avoid indigenous workers.

Immigrants keep coming because they know most Britons are congenitally incapable of being made employable because their "education" system that is such a national and international disgrace.

Government dare not stop this in-flow because employers would start complaining that they cannot get the staff and the economy would come to a grinding halt.

Teenage mums and dads are perhaps not so blameworthy because they are but minors failed by their parents and the state because they are not really warned not to have sex.

On the contrary, they were mostly given contraceptives by their schools to encourage them to practice "safe" sex.

Their parents weren't bothered because they knew the state would pick up the tab.

Perhaps we are all to blame, to use an old-fashioned liberal refrain.

If some of us dare not tell our children that we would rather not have illegitimate grandchildren - as so many middle class parents dare not, for fear of appearing old-fashioned, censorious, judgemental and all the other deadly liberal sins of intolerance, then it is not surprising that we country is full of broken families with the next generation of under-achieving and promiscuous Fiona McKeowns, Scarlett Keelings and Alfie Pattens bringing up another generation even more degraded than themselves.

Since we are not allowed to criticise single mums, and the only solution they can think of is to give primary school children sex education lessons from 5 onwards, we know what's going to happen, don't we?

The Muslims will take over ...

They are going to take over and start a new British export of its people, so dumbed-down and degraded by their slavery to the god of their appetites, or, if you prefer, the Seven Deadly Sins of

1 Lust (Latin, luxuria)
2 Gluttony (Latin, gula)
3 Greed (Latin, avaritia)
4 Sloth (Latin, acedia)
5 Wrath (Latin, ira)
6 Envy (Latin, invidia)
7 Pride (Latin, superbia)

8. Self-Pity (a new eighth one which deserves a special mention - its Latin version cannot be found in my English-Latin dictionary, which suggests that the concept was unknown to the Romans, or was perhaps so unRoman as to be actually absent from their vocabulary, like the word "no". Interestingly, "debeo" is both the word for "I must" and "I should")

that they will be only fit for the white slave trade, except for those who have converted to Islam to avoid such hubristic sinning.

This actually sounds like quite a good plot for a political thriller of a futuristic Britain under its first caliphate, come to think of it.


Rookh Kshatriya said…
It is not merely poor education dumbing down the British populace. There is also a dysgenic effect in operation, since unregulated female mate choice tends towards the low-IQ, shiftless male sociopath. Since British women were 'liberated', this tendency has steadily reduced a former working class into a contemporary underclass.

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