Britain's Loser Culture - Part 5: The Trouble With Women

I am afraid I am quite offended. I have no particular need of a 'relationship' and no desire for one.

There have been occasions when - if you remember - we have been followed home by cats.

On those occasions it is clear to me that the cats are charming - for a short time.

Would I consider keeping one as a pet? Frankly, no. I would become tired of it in time.

If you view successful people as halves of couples then fair enough. Why aren't you one half of a couple then?

Surely it is all a matter of your expectations. You told your friend who wouldn't come to dinner that both your male guests were 'probably too old and too poor' for her.

Well, did you really expect her to come after that?

It is true that I don't make much but your other guest used to own a house which I happen to know was worth at least a million by the time he parted with it.

Was he completely cleaned out by his divorce or what?

Women like you make me angry. No wonder none of us can marry or find women. You would sooner fantasise about a Peter Mandelson, say, than settle for what is in front of you - what is in effect no doubt being offered by your various 'admirers'.

Women and men of my father's generation coupled more easily - because they understood that they would make themselves happier that way and did not seem to expect so much.

You become frustrated and angry and seem to live half your life on the internet - to judge from your recent texts - because you won't settle for less than perfection.

Whilst men who might be interested in you - and who might bring you emotional and physical pleasure - find themselves being judged by impossibly high standards that they are most unlikely to able to meet.


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