Feminism and the Welfare State

Does feminism, backed up by a welfare state, make women as well as men stupid? Are we already doomed because our politicians now all think like stupid lying women, with the exception of Peter Mandelson? It is said that a civilisation rots from the head down but it would appear that we are simultaneously suffering from foot rot as well as brain rot.

Swine flu will make Britain a better place soon!


Anonymous said…
You have some serious issues! I would say you're stupid, but really you're just ignorant and uninformed.

I accidentally came across your blog, and I will forever be sorry that I won't get those 50 seconds back to be put to better use.

Get help.
Andromeda said…
One wonders if this Anonymous commentator is one of these feminists who know that feminism cannot be supported without the welfare state. The welfare state of course systematically cultivates failure and single mummery, which gives liberals something to wring their hands over.

Too bad she hasn't said.

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