Britain's Loser Culture - Part 2: the Proposed Summer Party

Every now and then I think about having a party, especially in the summer. I therefore mused on Facebook and solicited opinions about whether to have one, bearing in mind my gender-unbalanced life of always having more male friends than female friends, due to my obsessive interest in politics.

Women on the whole find it uncomfortable hurtful to have their views challenged or scrutinised and take it very personally when they lose an argument. Men, I generally find, are far more forgiving creatures. I am sure I have been more offensive to men than I have been to women, yet they mostly forgive me. Not so women, who anticipate the position I might take on something and then break off a friendship in anticipation of my disapproval, without even allowing me the opportunity to express that disapproval!

Since one of my male friends declared that he would find it unbearable to be at a party where the guests were mostly men, I wondered allowed how I could scrabble together enough female guests to prettify and feminise the party, bearing in mind my abject failure at the dinner party referred to in Part 1 to even come up with one single female friend.

The male friend suggested that each male guest could bring along a female partner. I dismissed the suggestion, perhaps too quickly, on the grounds that it would be a bit of an imposition to ask male friends I knew to be single and having trouble finding a decent woman, to bring along a bird as well as a bottle. It was more my role as a hostess to find single women for these male guests, I said, rather than rub salt into wounds.

The male friend was stung enough to point out that even if the others could not quite manage it, he certainly could, if I gave a bit of notice. He went on to say that I made it sound as if all my male friends were a bunch of losers who couldn't find women, and was deeply offended.

To make matters worse, I agreed with him.

My female friends are losers, my male friends too, and so am I.


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