Ever-lowering standards of the Church that refuses to condemn female promiscuity or question feminism


"44% of children are born to unmarried mothers"

The number 4 is considered unlucky by the Chinese because it sounds like death. Two 4s therefore would be considered doubly unlucky. It would appear that we are an unlucky nation in a doomed civilisation.

Do you hear anything being proposed by the government about discouraging women from becoming unmarried mothers? Well, do you?

Of course not, because they have shit for brains.

Do you hear anything from the Church about condemning family breakdown and female promiscuity? Other than to be "more relevant to modern life" and lowering their standards just to get more bums on seats?

No, because they have shit for brains too. What happens to civilisations whose people don't do anything about their shit-for-brains politicians?

They all die a natural death of course.

Our alotted time-span is now coming to an end.

YUSUFALI: And how many populations We destroyed, which exulted in their life (of ease and plenty)! now those habitations of theirs, after them, are deserted,- All but a (miserable) few! and We are their heirs!
And how many a community have We destroyed that was thankless for its means of livelihood! And yonder are their dwellings, which have not been inhabited after them save a little. And We, even We, were the inheritors.
SHAKIR: And how many a town have We destroyed which exulted in its means of subsistence, so these are their abodes, they have not been dwelt in after them except a little, and We are the inheritors,

YUSUFALI: Nor was thy Lord the one to destroy a population until He had sent to its centre a messenger, rehearsing to them Our Signs; nor are We going to destroy a population except when its members practise iniquity.
PICKTHAL: And never did thy Lord destroy the townships, till He had raised up in their mother(-town) a messenger reciting unto them Our revelations. And never did We destroy the townships unless the folk thereof were evil-doers.
SHAKIR: And your Lord never destroyed the towns until He raised in their metropolis a messenger, reciting to them Our communications, and We never destroyed the towns except when their people were unjust.


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