Britain's Loser Culture - Part 7: Unchecked Feminine Values Will Be The Death of Western Civilisation; Yin and Yang

Women who are losers, mediocre thinkers, with their loser thought-patterns, are infecting men with their loser values of victimhood, ie whingeing but not doing anything about it because they are mostly frightened, socially insecure, and don't want to look foolish.

They have passed their contagion on to men. Yet no one dares points this out.

This is because the West (and their Family Courts) is now ruled by irrational and totalitarian feminine/feminist values. Yes, the ones that prevent reporters reporting the injustices daily perpetrated by the Family Courts against men "in the interests of the child".

Health and safety, bossy anti-smoking laws, the nuclear weapon of accusing recalcitrant men of paedophilia - when he will be assumed guilty until proven innocent - these are all signs of the toxic irrationality of dominant feminine values.

Yet still these women whinge.

More men than ever before are undergoing castration to become women because they sense the power of women, and want a slice of the action. Yet still these women whinge about glass ceilings and their "oppression", when women can screw around, asset-strip their husbands, breed inferior offspring and get bailed out by the taxpayer.

They are so in power that no man even dares to suggest the abolition of child benefit for single parents or the abolition of child benefit for all, even in these straitened times, even when the dimmest of these women has an inkling that single parenthood is bad for society.

Why do most people reject sensible solutions because they are slightly controversial and involve an element of compulsion?

Because they don't want to take risks and make a fool of themselves, of course! Most women are like that.

It is a bit like a woman coming whingeing to you and being offended when you suggest how she might do things a little differently.

She just wants a sympathetic ear, a cup of tea (or a bottle of wine more likely, these days), a comforting pat on the shoulder, a little cuddle. She doesn't want to leave her job or her husband , change her boyfriend or do anything different.

What do you think happens when virtually the entire nation and its leaders has embraced this demented feminine world view?

National and civilisational decline of course!

But will the ideologically castrated men be up to defeating this scourge?


Rookh Kshatriya said…
These sentiments are very similar to those which assert non-white British immigrants have adopted the 'loser' values of the white working class. Adoption of values certainly makes sense, however, if these seem to be adaptive and successful. The problem with men adopting female whiner values is that the Anglo-American authorities will listen to women's whining in this matriarchy, but not men's.

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