Britain's Loser Culture - Part 9: Why the wrong kind of sex with the wrong kind of woman is bad for men and society

Why is a nation of slags and slappers bad for men?

Because easy sex is analogous to the welfare state making infantilised weaklings of us. If men do not have to prove themselves worthy to women in order to get sex - other than by being a good shag - then they do not bother with the other important things of life, such as income, status, intellect, strength, courage and ambition - the sort of thing that excites sensible women.

Instead, the average male Briton is happy to "make do" and "keep his head above water".

This, coupled with the motivational deadening of the welfare state, becomes a morbidifying factor.

Feminist values prevent a woman from insisting that a man display his ability to look after her by paying for her.

If a woman is desperate enough to go dutch with a man and still give him sex, he would be a fool to say no, would he not?

And that is why British men are so useless at courtship and have no money.


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