Polygamy and the Muslims


Sorry to go on about this, but I am of the opinion that even an alpha male shared is better than a multiplicity of sub-alpha males.

Newsnight last night did a feature on polygamy. Tim Winter, the Islamic scholar, was telling us of polygamy being something a wife who had a job in the City was asking him about, because she would prefer it if she could resume her career after having her child, and entrust her child to the care of her husband's other wife.



Andromeda said…
Very interesting. I wonder if China's women might one day end up institutionalising polyandry, as they do in Tibet, after the practice of too much female infanticide has utterly decimated the female population and other arrangements have to be made. It is a horrible state where a wife is permanently pregnant and a child has to call all its mother's husbands "uncle" because it does not really know who its real father is.

Let us hope that such extremes may yet be avoided!

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