Number of children in married families drops 1million in ten years

There will be fewer legitimate children and more bastards by SSMs. Is this a sign that your society is suffering from terminal cancer? What is the government doing about it? NOTHING. Why not? Cos too many of these SSMs and their bastards have the vote.

Nick Griffin is afraid of SSMs.

Nigel Farage is afraid of SSMs.

Ed Miliband is afraid of SSMs.

Nick Clegg is afraid of SSMs.

David Cameron is afraid of SSMs.

Boris Johnson, when he becomes PM, will also be afraid of SSMs when there are more parasites than hosts for the parasites to feed upon.  

This is the future in Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland.
"Like" this page if you agree.   If there are enough likes then maybe the government, diseased by feminism, might do something more than wring its scummy Paedo Bastard Slut and Liberal hands.  


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