The law will support a woman even when she lies and breaks her promises

Make it the rule that no man is obliged to support any child that he does not acknowledge and whose mother he is not married to.

Poor Mark Langridge - stitched up by his female lawyer friend and by his former lesbian friend.

Come on, Mark, give me her name and I will mention her name here.   Anyway, you were a FOOL to trust these treacherous and incompetent women.  

His lesbian ex-friend has now engaged Max Clifford so she can sell her story and make some money.  Once she has done that she might let you off the hook, so it's not all doom and gloom.

Never trust a woman because the law in our matriarchy encourages them to be mendacious, malicious, irresponsible and immoral.

Sperm Donors and the CSA

Mark Langridge thought he was helping out a lesbian friend when he agreed to become a sperm donor so that she could have children. Mark Langridge says that they agreed he would not be legally responsible for the child or be named on the birth certificate and under these circumstances he fathered two children. Thirteen years later he has been contacted by the Child Support Agency and is being asked to pay costs towards the children.  Mark Langridge talks to Jenni to tell her why he is appealing against this decision. Jenni is also joined by fertility lawyer Natalie Gamble and the Chief Executive of the National Gamete Donation Trust, Lauren Witjens to discuss the wider issues of informal donation arrangements.


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