Questions for Anglicans about female bishops

Question 1
Is the Church of England a vehicle for ambitious and selfish women who don't give a shit about its male parishioners?

Question 2
Is a female-dominated Church of England good for its male parishioners?

Question 3
The Church of England is already full of shit. Will it be less or more full of shit with female bishops?

Question 4
Would a Church of England with female bishops be better or worse for male parishioners?

  • Don't know
  • Worse
  • Better
  • Male parishioners are already a minority and don't matter anyway

Question 5
Does the Church of England do anything other than promote the feminist liberal PC agenda, such as safeguard the morals of the nation?  If not, what is it really for?

Question 6
If it is indeed the case that Man created God to protect him from Woman, then the infestation of the Church of England by feminists clamouring to be made bishops means men are in great moral danger.

  • Agree
  • Disgree

Question 7
Is the Church of England full of third rate male minds helpless against ambitious and selfish feminist clergywomen with second rate minds?

Question 8
Can't the women who want to be bishops be nuns instead?

Question 9
If it is the role of the Church of England to uphold the morals of the nation and give comfort to the distressed and marginalised, how well do you think it has fulfilled this function?

Question 10
If the Church of England has not fulfilled any of these functions properly or at all, except to serve as a vehicle for the ambitions of homosexual clergy and feminist clergywomen who care nothing about upholding the morals of the nation and only about promoting the rights of women and homosexuals at the expense of white heterosexual men, what makes you think things will improve when female bishops are ordained?

Question 11
Imagine a time when Britain has a female Archbishop of Canterbury.  Would it be the kind of Britain you would want to live in as a white heterosexual male?  Or would you fear the hatred, ridicule and contempt of other nations?

Question 12
Do you think it is time to challenge the perniciousness of feminism, which is now the unofficial religion of Britain?

Question 13
Has the prevalence of women in public life improved the morals of the nation, or has it done the opposite and corrupted them?

Question 14
It has been suggested that the Cult of the Vestal Virgin was once a job creation scheme for aristocratic patrician women - Rome's version of a nunnery.  Eventually, its recruits were neither patrician nor virgins.  Eventually, Rome declined and became a fallen civilisation.  Do you see any similarities between the Cult of the Vestal Virgin and a morbidly feminised Anglican Church?

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Are these a bunch of undignified retards making Anglicans look like retards or are they a  bunch of undignified retards making Anglicans look like retards?


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