Is yet more matriarchal legislation to protect stupid women good for Britain?

"Ann Moulds, from Ayr, was stalked for almost three years by a man she thought was her friend.

When he heard about her stalker, he even offered her support and even offered to stay in her home to help protect her and make her feel safe in her home. All the time he was her stalker, bombarding her with sexually explicit texts, messages and phone calls.

Ann told Sky News: "I ended up where my home became a prison. I was terrified to go out, I kept the curtains closed, I even stopped putting on the television or playing music so I could listen if there were any sounds outside.

"I just couldn't see a future, I couldn't see an end to it all. I lost my friends, I lost lots of weight and I lost my hair."

"So when I discovered that my supportive friend was this crazy man who was stalking me it was total shock, disbelief, absolute betrayal and it took me a long, long time to understand how that kind of mind can work."

This woman in the report sounds exceptionally stupid. This legislation is to protect very stupid woman, I suppose.

Women who get stalked are usually stupid promiscuous women who fuck maniacs and then cannot get rid of them .

Should stupid and promiscuous women be privileged?

Are they fit to pass on their genes?

Should really stupid women be prevented from passing on their genes?

Are Scotswomen more stupid than Englishwomen?

Have you noticed how stupid British people are becoming these days?

Is it because most British people these days are illegitimate?

Remember, a slut is a stupid and promiscuous woman, and an SSM is a stupid promiscuous woman who got knocked up and decided to give birth to the bastard and then became a burden on the state.

Why do British men not protest against the matriarchy's policy of allowing welfare-dependent sluts and bastards to breed at the expense of the married and the illegitimate taxpayer, as well as put up with more and  more oppressive anti-male and pro-slut legislation?

Because they are now stupid, effeminate and degenerate.   


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