Cameron promised to fill up his Cabinet with Incompetent Women

Read Michael Crick's report.  I am not making this up.  

Is it not time Cameron is stopped dead in his tracks to prevent this deliberate policy of irrational sex discrimination that is trashing what is still good in this country?

We don't want to hug his hoodies or have his team of incompetent yes-women in charge of the ship of state, do we?

We don't want him to bomb Libya in our name while British schoolboys are stabbed to death in public places in broad daylight while his female Home Secretary wrings her hands and fusses with her hair and tells us we mustn't be nasty to single mums who breed these bastards who stab other people's sons.

We all know that female ministers are, with very few noble exceptions, usually crap.

Is David "Cunt" Cameron really a woman disguised as a man?    Do you think he could perhaps be a woman in drag hell-bent on destroying the Conservative Party and this country with his toxic cocktail of being nice to never married single mums, his Big Bullshit Society and his brand of "Compassionate Conservatism" (that is really Socialism but which the dumbed-down British are now too imbecilic to notice after stupidity, promiscuity and fecklessness has been bred into them for so many generations of universal child benefit)?

I think we should be told, and that perhaps he should be debagged on live TV (perhaps on Prime Minister's Question Time) and his genitalia examined for signs of matriarchal dementia.  He does after all have a very effeminate and androgynous face ... and other posts here contain reasons why women have messed up this country quite badly enough and have delighted us with their politics for quite long enough now, thank you very much.


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