Feminism a failure - adolescent females unhappier than they ever were


Adolescent angst

Girls are twice as likely to suffer teenage angst than boys and are less happy than they were a year ago according to new research done by the think tank Demos. But why is this and what can be done to make girls happier? Jane talks to co-author of the report, Beatrice Karol Burks, and Francis Gilbert, a secondary school teacher and author of 'I'm A Teacher, Get Me Out of Here'.


A confused mish-mash of whingeing.  It is either a terrible indictment of feminism and bad parenting or it isn't. They try to have it both ways and want to simultaneously frighten and reassure us.

The long and short of this is that adolescent females still unhappy. In fact, females in general generally unhappy even after so many decades of feminism and getting what they think they want.

What they were persuaded they wanted was not what they needed.

What they need are boundaries, single sex schools, more homework and a clear prohibition against dressing like teen sluts and having sex with any Tom, Dick and Harry who asks them.

Oh, and a mother who is married to and living with her biological father and who works mainly in the home.   


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