Feminism leads to widespread illegitimacy, family breakdown, working mums who are crap mums and crap employees, male unemployment, parasitic welfare dependency, paedophilia as well as the decline and fall of Western Civilisation



Challenge the demented matriarchy (which is depriving working class men of jobs that are now hogged by middle class women as explained at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/educationnews/8420098/David-Willets-feminism-has-held-back-working-men.html) and defeat it by

1.  repealing the Sex Discrimination Act 1975
2.  repealing the Equal Pay Act
3.  abolishing child benefit
4.  making marriage contracts compulsory for anyone who wants to get married or stay married

Remember,  feminism has destroyed the quality of British men.  If you have daughters they will end up being single mums (because the quality of modern British men now is so abysmal) or marrying a Muslim or a foreigner.

Stop feminism from fucking you up even more before it flips you over and fucks you up the arse too!   


Anonymous said…
How, exactly, can equality be a bad thing?
Claire Khaw said…
It is an injustice to make unequal things equal.
Anonymous said…
What is unequal? You, being a woman, and a man?
Claire Khaw said…
Men and women have different roles and different needs.

The law should make it easier and more convenient to do what the different sexes are best equipped and most inclined to do, for the good of the next generation and the future of that society.

Most women when they become mothers do not wish to work at all.
knn said…
Please also note how "equal rights" now have been replaced by "equality".

Feminists know very well that "equal rights" are a reality (= women have the same rights, actually more, than men) thus they secretly replaced it by "equality".


Because feminists know that the average person won't distinguish between these two thus would never assume that "equality" is something UTTERLY DIFFERENT and actually the opposite of equal rights and an ATTACK on common sense which still assumes that "men are men" and "women are women".

Moreover by shifting the efforts from "equal rights" to "equality/equalization" they make feminism a never-ending project, since men and women will never be equal.

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