A hint of moral courage from a Tory politician who says "feminism bad for working class men"



Yvette Cooper has a hissy fit:

Shadow equalities minister Yvette Cooper reacted angrily to the comments. She said: ‘The idea that working women are responsible for persistent child poverty or youth unemployment in disadvantaged areas is just shocking.

‘David Willetts should quickly withdraw this rubbish and face up to the real problems his policies are causing for young people and women who want to get on.’

Too bad David Willetts didn't say anything about the sluts, slag and slapper single mums (who are bad mothers and bad employees and therefore the worst of human parasites) who are busily breeding an inferior next generation of Britons.

Mumsnet will be screaming like banshees to have his balls ripped off for this capital crime of  lèse majesté.

'Minister in Conservative Party says something Conservative shocker!' 

Expect frantic backtracking from Willetts and/or grovelling apology from Cunt Cameron.

Feminism is so stupid that it makes women do what they shouldn't do (and don't really want to do) to stop men from doing what they want to do and should be doing.   That's how crazy and evil it is.   


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