Disenfranchise women and/or non-taxpayers for the greater good?

I believe that more women have unfriended me over my Colonel Gaddafi Support Group than men. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/facebook/8357620/BNP-members-pro-Gaddafi-Facebook-group-snares-politicians.html  This suggests to me that women tend not to have a sense of humour, can't take jokes and are easily frightened.

They also get pregnant, and these days, they often get pregnant out of wedlock, mess up their lives, demand more support from the state and are generally slowing everything down and making things worse with their illegitimate, disabled, autistic, obese, neurotic, delinquent, sexually active or eating disordered children.

If that is how they are generally, should they really be given the vote and so much power over our politicians and taxpayers?

Poor Cameron actually admitted the other day that he is afraid of Mumsnet, who are of course a gang of thuggish but educated harridans, mostly single middle class mothers who work and deprive white working class men of jobs they would otherwise have had, who frequently complain about sex discrimination and sexual harassment to unfairly advantage themselves in the workplace and use liberal feminist totalitarian THOUGHTCRIME legislation to bully others and protect their privileged positions.

Is it not time that these promiscuous women who are also bad mothers and bad employees are named and shamed for the good of the nation and its future?   Do we really want to be continue to be known as citizens of Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland ruled by a demented matriarchy whose butlers and gardeners and chauffeurs are Clegg, Cameron and Miliband in strict rotation?

They are after all causing the quality of the next generation to deteriorate alarmingly, they take jobs away from men, make men useless, they make men hate women, make women hate men and are now making increasingly parasitical demands on the beleaguered taxpayer and an increasingly emasculated and enervated political establishment.

It is certainly true that the morals of women in any society are important.  The morals of women in this context is their chastity (as opposed to their wanton promiscuity and the casual breeding of bastards) and this will have a society-wide effect on men, other women, children and of course the next generation and the general health of the society and civilisation in question.

The teaching establishment is female-dominated and infested with all the feminine vices of denial, cowardice and hypocrisy the worst of which is female promiscuity which sex education in schools unashamedly promotes. The problems of British education will never be fixed unless there is a proper anti-feminist revolution.

Is not time these women were stopped and shooed back into their kitchens and homes to tend their households, husbands and children that they have neglected for far too long, for the good of the nation?

Could we please have a debate on this?


Dulantha said…
Feminism is deceasing the life time of healthy human society in anywhere.

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