Is Western civilisation being run like The Beach?

In that book a ruthless, vicious, sexually rapacious woman called Sal is unofficially in charge.  

Substitute Sal for Mumsnet and you should get the idea.

Notice how vociferously warmongering is Anne McElvoy.   There are many women like her.

An Irish American woman, Iman El-Maghribi is posting her warmongering propaganda with great energy and conviction from the American Midwest at the internationally infamous Colonel Gaddafi Support Group mentioned at

She is also single and looking for a nice Libyan man to replace her late Libyan  husband.

Remember the ones who handed out white feathers to frightened young men to make them go to the Western Front?  Plenty like her in the world.  

I hate to say this, but it may be something to do with not getting enough sex and having too much time on one's hands. 


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