For some reason I am just not shocked at Irish policemen threatening in jest to rape female protesters

Sunny Hundal on the other hand is having a fit of the vapours, apparently, just like a great great great Victorian maiden aunt ....

But it seems he is being pussywhipped into having a fit of the vapours.  Sirena Bergman informed him that he ought to be shocked, and he duly was.!/sirenabergman

sirenabergman Sirena Bergman @
@sunny_hundal This is utterly shocking. I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep... how did you get hold of it?

sirenabergman Sirena Bergman
Hideous and shocking: Irish policemen recorded joking about rape after arresting two women protesters!/sunny_hundal

Irish policemen recorded joking about rape after arresting two women protesters. Press conference planned tomorrow 

  1. Why are the "Left" more shocked about these things than the "Right"?  
  2. Are they really shocked or are they just pretending?  
  3. Are the women of the Left more shocked at the thought of these pesky Yankie women being raped by Irish policemen more than the men of the Left are shocked at the thought of these Irish policemen raping these pesky Yankie women?   
  4. Are the men of the Left who say they are shocked really shocked?  
  5. If not, why are they pretending to be shocked? 
  6. Are they pretending to be shocked because they think pretending to be shocked will help them bed these women of the Left?  
  7. Does Sunny Hundal fancy Sirena Bergman and want to bed her?
  8. Does Sirena Bergman want Sunny Hundal to fancy her enough to pretend to be shocked to initiate this courtship ritual of the Left?  
  9. What do these pesky Yankie women look like?
  10. What do these Irish policemen in uniform look like?  
  11. Does this sound like a good "plot" for a porn flick?    


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