More Welsh women are sluts and slappers than English and Scots women, apparently

and in need of more help from the taxpayer to discourage the birth of more unwanted and illegitimate Welsh children. 


Anonymous said…
Totally agree, I dated a Welsh Scrubber for 14 months - turned out everything she ever said to me was complete lies, no intention of commitment, no love or kindness, just a horny slut who dumped me as soon as her divorce came through to no doubt repeat the exercise with another mug. I was simply the nearest available male, someone to carry her case and buy her lunch, she had no intention of building a life with me, it was all lies, and I trust the Ancient Whore will do the decent thing and die soon. She constantly face-books about alcohol so I hope she is drinking herself to death slowly, although quickly would be so much better. The only sad thing is that she has produced kids, sad that her genetic material will be propogated down a generation, very sad indeed!
Claire Khaw said…
Look on the bright side: at least you are not married to her!

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