Wealthy woman seeks tall fit man with personality

TALL SUCCESSFUL, SKIING, SCUBA DIVING cultured charismatic MALE 55-65 required for my stunning, successful, sporty female client with London and country homes.  A brunette with adventurous fun spirit, warmth and femininity seeks life-long partner.  AGENCY/NO FEE required.  


with details for FULL profile

Ad in Eye to Eye, 1-14 April 2011   Issue No 1285  Page 36, Column 2

Does this sound good to you men?   If not, why not?  Do you think this advertiser needs to be told a few home truths?


Adolfo said…
Well, there are two options:
1. If he were using other words I’d say he’s a pimp. In such a case he’d promote his business more openly, channeling call girls to those men who can afford the service.
2. However, since he’s using a corny and delusionary romantic language, I’d say he’s a lesser beta who works as a bitch’s lackey. Is it now the duty of British men to find male lovers for their controlling women?
Leos Tomicek said…
I like women who have more money than I do. Reasons are obvious in our current legal system...
Anonymous said…
If only those that post comments actually had a modicum of knowing what they were talking about, opposed to playground low-level comments. IF the advertisement had been read correctly one would know that such women who have achieved a vast amount of success, and are above average are very, very selective and choose a route to meet the equally discerning through a third party. And where 'Adolfo' reads into this it's possibly a MALE promoting a business, channeling call girls, to HE's a lesser working for a bitch's lackey, only demonstrates the simplistic and out-dated view and total lack of any knowledge on what the posters are commenting on.

Andromeda placed an advertisement herself in Private Eye for a 'partner' or so called partner - as she didn't mind whether it was a he or she, or whether they had full relationship or not. And to add to this, if they shared intimacy it would not have to exclusive. Not exactly selective and for this you have no need to place an advertisement, you can find such arrangements anywhere!
Claire Khaw said…
I have tried to explain the idea of a Domestic Partnership and testing people's understanding of it. At this rate the first person who understands *and* likes the idea will be The One!

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