Why David Lammy MP is my hero

David Lammy MP

David Lammy is a  black politician who sees the point of family values because he believes birth certificates of illegitimate babies should cite the name of *both* parents.  He at least knows SSMs are bad for black people as well as Britain and should be warmly commended for his campaign to to reduce fatherlessness. However, his campaign can only be successful if feminists are roundly denounced for promoting female promiscuity and widespread illegitimacy leading to degeneracy, decline and fall.


Diane Abbot

 Diane Abbott told a socially conservative black woman that she is didn't "do the black thing" because she believed in family values.  According to Ms Abbott, you are not properly black if you are not singly-parented, but why would any right-thinking female member of the black community want her offspring to be  illegitimate when  it can be illegitimate?  Or is Diane Abbott saying that most black men are not the marrying kind or not worth marrying?  If so, is that not racist?  If it is true that most black men are not the marrying kind nor worth marrying, what is the reason for this?  Is it because they were mostly SSM-parented?  Should white people worry that most white babies are now illegitimate?  Does it also mean that most white men are not the marrying kind and are not worth marrying either?  Is David Starkey right in saying that white people have become black?  Shouldn't the government be doing something?


Adolfo said…
He made a run for London's Major, ain't he? He and this half Jewish Black girl Oona King couldn't beat Ken 'Red' Livingstone in the primaries.
Maybe next time.
Claire Khaw said…

"2012 Mayor of London
In 2010 there were suggestions that Lammy might stand for election as Mayor of London in 2012. Lammy pledged his support to Ken Livingstone's bid to become the Labour London Mayoral candidate, declaring him 'London's Mayor in waiting'.[6] Lammy became Livingstone's selection campaign chair."

David Lammy is a politician who knows his limits. Only Boris can beat Ken.

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