Harriet and the Hoods

I wonder if Harriet Sergeant can even begin to say why she would not dream of doing any of these things with a member of a WHITE gang.   She must be even now shuddering at the thought.

Maybe white gangs are not so cool?  Maybe they are not so cuddly?

Why do white women hate white working class men so much?  I am sure there are white gangs in London which Harriet has disdained to notice.


Perhaps the photos would not be quite so eye-catching?

Perhaps if photographed with them she would only end up looking like their mother or grandmother on a bad hair day?  Perhaps the whole exercise was an exercise in vanity?  On the other hand, photographed with a black gang, she would look so cool and so brave and so sexy ....

Black gangstas have people like David Lammy MP and Dr Tony Sewell of Generating Genius http://www.generatinggenius.org.uk/ looking out for them.  Yes, black males have men of their own race actually caring enough to look out for them.   It was Tony Sewell who said that the most indigenised are the most disadvantaged, but Harriet doesn't care because they are not cuddly and eye-catching enough for her.  Besides, what would her friends (liberal, female, singly mothering, Guardian-reading and Guardian-writing) say about her?

White gang members have no one really to look after them except perhaps the EDL, NF and BNP looking after them, I suppose, and perhaps that is why Harriet disdains to give them the time of day, because they must by definition be racist CHAV scum who deserve to rot and die, eh Harriet?

Anyway, it is not like she is really helping even black youth, because she has not criticised Slut Single Mums who bring them into this world and then abandon them to uncaring care homes or who keep them and abuse them.

Most black people are illegitimate.


Mind you, these days, most white babies are also illegitimate.


This is why blacks have now become white, as David Starkey says.  http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/david-starkey-claims-the-whites-184964

What will happen when white people turn black?  Will they be treated the way white people used to treat black people?

Not a pretty thought, is it?

Women like her will not criticise the morals of British women, no matter how despicably promiscuous, because that would be to doubt the morality and sanity of feminism, and Harriet, like most women in this country, is a feminist.  A feminist is a woman who would rather die than give up the privileges she has tricked out of men who are suckers for a pretty face, even if the future of this country is at stake, even if she has a son.

There is a theory that white women fuss over black men to show their contempt for white men, and even their sons.  It is a badge of the matriarchy that these women do these things because they can.

http://www.heretical.com/sheppard/wfpim.html should be of interest to white bleeding heart middle class liberal women who think black gangs are more fun, cute, cuddly and cool than white gangs.

"Out of the corruption of women proceeds the corruption of races; out of the corruption of races, the loss of memory; out of the loss of memory, the loss of understanding, and out of this all evil."

The Bhagavad Gita

If this gangsta had been white would Harriet be hugging him and stroking his cheek or  breathing the same air as him?  If not, why not?  
"When we got to Tuggy’s room, I showed him how to floss his teeth. For the first time, I stroked his cheek and gave him a hug." 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2164185/Middle-class-mother-befriended-teenage-thugs-dressed-suit-encounter-shocked-core.html#ixzz1z5bMg0QK

Harriet and the Hoods


Anonymous said…
"There is a theory that white women fuss over black men to show their contempt for white men, even their sons. It is a badge of the matriarchy that these women do these things because they can."

Anonymous said…
"Why do white women hate white working class men so much?"

This may provide some clues:

Claire Khaw said…
Gladly. They know it annoys white men but if they are challenged by white men they can now easily accuse white men of racism, which is the worst thing in the world you could be.
Anonymous said…
White middle class people think racism is common.
Anonymous said…
they also think that it's "uncool" to be white.
Anonymous said…
At one level, no one likes a 'racist'. If you don't like a person just because of their racial/ethnic background and nothing else, then to most people, you are a bit of a dickhead.

Yet at another level, it seems that the true root cause of 'racism' would be genetic self-interest.
Anonymous said…
White women fussing over black men is what Simon Sheppard calls "Affection Beneath". Similar to how they might think Justin Bieber is cute.

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