Daryll Christopher on the husband who committed suicide on holiday over his adulterous wife


‘She had two previous affairs and even got pregnant, but Alun took her back.’

Says Daryll Christopher:

"Men are weak. A woman with problems can always run to her friends, another man or the state, a man has fewer choices, this is why they should always look out for themselves first.

The man was simply weak, a disgrace to mankind.

This is a calibre of men we create today, very tragic really. Their Mothers talk down to them at home, Women talk down to them in nursery school, women talk down to them in Primary school, women talk down to them in secondary school, women talk down to them in the hospitals, there is probably an absent father, they probably have no males at hand to give them good advice. All they have ever known, is a dominant female figure who is always in charge.

When they become adults, they are so brow beaten, the come to see women as their masters/leaders, someone to plan and direct their lives. When they loose this structure, they simply can't cope. This is what I think."

Says I:

That wife should have been lashed 100 times the first time she was discovered.  Then none of this would have happened.  


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