Andrew Hosken reports on London gangs without mentioning that virtually all gang members are SSM-parented

Mrs Andrew Hosken who is very likely to give her husband a hard time should he point out the effects of  allowing Slut Single Mums to breed at will and like vermin at the expense of the taxpayer.  Very likely, most of this woman's friends are single mothers of some sort, and she will be angry with her husband for offending them.  Women are very totalitarian and censorious, you see, and do not believe in free speech, especially when they are being criticised.!/Hoskea10

One should question Andrew Hosken's journalistic integrity and wonder if this poor man is the pitiable victim of self-censorship.  Perhaps he has sired illegitimate offspring?  Perhaps he knows the mother of his children would only divorce him and deprive of his children if he said anything about Slut Single Mums and he desperately wishes not to incur her wrath?  What else can explain his contemptible cowardice in not mentioning the role of Slut Single Mums in London gang culture?  We all know most back people are SSM-parented because Diane Abbot MP(a single mum) herself said so.

David Lammy MP is at least doing something active and practical to prevent the increase of fatherlessness.  The contemptible cowardice and hypocrisy of the white liberal male is simply nauseating.

However, expecting the British to deal with the scourge of slut single mummery is like expecting a patient with a gangrenous limb to saw it off himself, perhaps.   He really would rather die, or is just physically not capable of doing it himself.  But that is what needs to be done if the patient is to be saved.   Do I have the qualities of a ship's surgeon?   I believe he has to be swift, accurate and firm of mind.

The house-trained and domesticated Andrew Hosken (perhaps even more house-trained and domesticated than his wife?) being photographed with his son

The Mayor of London was interviewed on the Today Programme.  Did Boris Johnson mention Slut Single Mums even once?  No.   Did Sarah Montague ask him about Slut Single Mums?  No, she wouldn't, would she, probably because she is a feminist and determined to hide the truth about the link between feminism, sluts, bastardy, criminality and the decline and fall of your civilisation.  Are feminists selfish, socially irresponsible and evil?  I think we should be told.

When will the Bastard Broadcasting Corporation have a proper debate about feminism that is destroying Western civilisation?  


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