The Menace of Triumphant Feminism


Veronica Shugg writing in issue 23 of Right NOW! Magazine says:

“And just who were these feminists, these beings with an apparently self-conferred sort of divine right to sit in judgment on the lives of all women en masse and declare them wanting?  They were women who, embittered by their own inadequacies, blamed the whole world in general and men in particular for their own shortcomings.”

“The feminists spent years promoting the sexual revolution and telling women that they must be like men in pursuit of ‘sex for the sake of it,” with the result that the natural respect that men used for women has been extinguished, and that any and every woman is now considered fair game by men who listen to what the feminists have been saying for so long.  Now, having achieved their goal of ‘equality of out come for all’, some of the feminists have decide that they don like the result – suddenly they want a return to the better days of the past when men were men and women were cherished and cared for by society.   Their answer, however, is yet more rules and regulations to stop ‘the enemy from indulging in the kind of behaviour they have themselves encouraged all these years.  And the changes they now want made to the changes they have already forced on society will only continue to make their Brave New World even more of a mess than it is already.  In that process of destruction, they have spawned the worst evil of all: political correctness – a modern form of thought control that makes any reasoned argument useless for the simple reason that reason itself is replaced by unthinking dogma and mindless rhetoric.”

Feminism has of course led to the feminisation of the white man.

White men are now so feminised that even supporters of a party that is supposed to care about the white race cannot now bring themselves to denounce feminism, which is plainly the cause of degeneracy in the West.


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