Mediocre female teachers not worth their salt resent being paid by results

Men tend to be over-represented on the extreme ends of the scale, ie they are either really bad or really good.

It is the tendency of women to be mediocre.

I think it was Confucius who said

"The average man is better than the average woman, but the superior woman is superior to the superior man."   

I am a woman who thinks like a man but without a wife whom I fear will divorce me, take half my stuff and deprive me of my children.  It is possible that I am that superior woman.

My Facebook friend Daryl Christopher says:

This new revision of History to pass off women as playing a leading role does not surprise me. It just confirms the long, mad dash to Feminize society and pulverize men into being Second class citizens.

Their plan is to remove the man's traditional role as head of the home by claiming single mother is capable of raising well balanced, healthy children. They strip wealth away from men by ensuring that the vast majority of government jobs are allocated to women, they give women huge divorce settlements and spend lavishly on single mothers.

They seek to deliberately create an army of uneducated, pliable men by ensuring that the education system only produce successful girls. Even though women get the most and the best of everything, they still peddle the idea that women are discriminated against, downtrodden and victimized. If anyone wants to know why I am single, these are the reasons.

Once a man marries, he is sacrificing himself. Having a woman around the home might guarantee some sex, but that's it. They do very little and nag 24 hours per day. The deception that women spend hours cooking and doing housework is another of their plan, most modern women can't even cook.

I am talking about an education system that is beneficial to women. They make up 80% of the teachers and delivers success to female students. I am talking about a government that employs 80% women and forces companies to employ women and give them prominent positions. This is nothing to do with numbers. It is the government deliberately favouring one group over another. Why should men have to speak up to get help? 

The government knows the facts and choose to ignore them. Getting a job is not dependent on education alone. It is really pathetic to suggest that women are getting on merely because they are better educated. How can a good education help an incompetent police make an arrest?. It doesn't, it is just the system oiled to make men second class citizens.

Getting a job is not dependent on education alone. It is really pathetic to suggest that women are getting on merely because they are better educated. How can a good education help an incompetent police make an arrest?, it doesn't. Women are hidden from frontline duty, none of the risk, but they demand the same pay. Just try and tell me that for every female police officer, prison guard, fire person, garbage collector etc, that there are not a thousand better qualified men.

There was a time when they had the first pass the post system and girls were doing poorly. They system was changed to include course work into the final exam marks. It was only then that girls started to do well. This has been accompanied by a huge drop in standard and Britain plummeting down the education league table. 

Employers have to teach schools leavers basic maths and English. The fact is that when girls were doing poorly, there were many descenting voices and change followed. Now boys are doing poorly, not even a single cry for change, not even from their own mothers.

The only time the government is interested in boys, is when they are recruiting for the Military. They set up stalls in markets and fairs, send brain washers to schools to seduce the impressionable boys with tales of travel to foreign lands, tales of valour and tales of fame and Victoria Crosses. 

Why don't they show the same commitment to boys education?

The government's reaction to crap female teachers who fail boys: they do not want to fire them, they want to keep them and pay them less, so boys will continue to fail. Which entity in the Universe would deliberately recruit and keep crap staff?. The only reason would be because their plan is on course. I rest my case.

Men are such wimps too. A man will send me a private message agreeing with me, but he won't agree with me inn public because he is married or has a girlfriend, and she will get upset if he tells the truth.

This is why despite the evidence, the men are very quiet on the issue. Once married, they have to sacrifice themselves.


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