Policeman commits suicide after being blinded and divorced

Beyond criticism?  Kath Rathband who divorced her husband after he was blinded.


Notice how no one is saying anything about the worth of the kind of wife who would divorce you after you are blinded.

Perhaps that is just typically British, for the British have no pride and no longer feel any shame, as long as they get their way.

Will any newspaper question the morality of the behaviour of such a wife?  Or are they too afraid of the stinking shitting pissing demented matriarchy?

We know who is in power by those whom we cannot criticise: shit women with shit morals - sluts who breed the next generation of fatherless criminal looting bastards.  Now it would appear that shit wives who divorce their blinded husbands who are going through a difficult time coming to terms with being blind are also beyond criticism even by the tabloid press in Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland.  Proud of ourselves, are we?

We mustn't be judgemental, of course, especially when a woman is involved, unless she is racist or an antisemite, perhaps ...

There was a suggestion that the blind David Rathband was suspected of being domestically violent, but, in a society where the term "violence" is apparently being redefined by the matriarchy as "behaviour likely to be found critical,  challenging and offensive by your wife",  we should perhaps take this with a pinch of salt, especially as the late and blinded David Rathband is no longer around to defend himself against posthumous accusations of domestic violence.


It is bad enough to be blinded by a murderous maniac, but to have a 19 year old son who cannot deal with an aggressive blind man and had to call the cops is shameful indeed.

And then your wife divorces you because she can't stand you moping about the house not able to come to terms with being blind for the rest of your life.

Why on earth does a man get married?  To be looked after when bad things happen to him, but these days a wife doesn't even think she is supposed to stay around when things get iffy.

You might hope to have decent children too, and if you had a son you would think he isn't some big girl's blouse who calls the coppers when you - a blind man - start getting aggressive with him.

You would have thought that your wife would have tried to stop him, but NO.

Family life in the UK, eh?

Perhaps it is now time to ask ourselves if feminism has now gone too far and when will men will begin to come to terms with their oppression and do something about it..  Perhaps they have turned into women with penises complete with all the feminine vices of hypocrisy, cowardice and denial.

None of PC David Rathband's colleagues saw fit to criticise his wife Kath Rathband, who has deleted her Twitter account.  I think he would have wanted someone to point the finger at the person who most betrayed him in his hour of need, the one who said she just "wants to be friends" and let him come back to a home empty of his family that made his despair and desolation complete.   With friends, wives or sons like this, who needs enemies or murderous maniacs who shoot you in the face, eh?  

"RIP PC Rathband", they tweet in their inane way.  No, he is not resting in peace.  Actually, I think he would rather like it if  a few questions were asked and a few fingers pointed.  This much I know about him, even if I never knew the man.   This is not the time to point the finger, they say.

But suicides don't want to rest in peace.   Suicides want their revenge upon the living who let them down, and there is no denying that PC Rathband was let down.

When is the time to discuss it, anyway?

After the funeral?

Then the people who most betrayed him - his wife and his weakling son - would have got away with it.

NOW is the time to ask why a man would get married in this God-forsaken country that is Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland, where every woman has the prerogative of a whore - power but no responsibility, where women have the right to do everything but the obligation to do nothing, and the men are either too stupid to notice or too scared to say or do anything.

Their guts have turned to piss, their brains to shit and their balls to mince.   Pity them for they don't even notice their own degradation and the contempt in which they are held.

They think like women, deny their degradation because they prefer not to have to do anything about it.

But this is for all of you who are husbands and fathers.

This is intended to send a chill down your spine.   I write this because it seems no one else in the land dares criticise the morals of your women, including yourselves.

I wonder what Kath Rathband would have got in her divorce settlement if it had ever got to that stage, or indeed what she was asking for.  Would David Rathband have found himself evicted from his own home?   Looks she is going to get everything now, because I rather think he may have been too distressed to get round to changing his will before he topped himself.   Of course, Kath Rathband deserves every penny for being such a loyal and dutiful wife, does she not?


Anonymous said…
Maybe this "shit wife" had had enough of being used as a punchbag? How dare you judge women by the standards you should be judged.
battered wife said…
How dare you lay into this "shit wife" without full understanding of the circumstances which compelled her to divorce this man. Perhaps she was sick of being used as a punchbag by him? Check your facts before libellous remarks. Shame on you.
Claire Khaw said…
I really don't think that a wife with a blind husband has much to fear in the way of domestic violence.

It would be quite easy to dodge the slaps and punches of a blind man, I would have thought.

When he has calmed down you can then threaten to take him to marriage counselling.

Last month I saw a 66 year old man who was using a walking stick and had suffered a heart attack and a stroke being accused of domestic violence in a Crown Court. He was accused of "displaying a critical attitude towards her".

Shout at your ex in public causing her harassment, alarm and distress and you will be done for a public order offence.

Every copper who reads this will know it is true.
Claire Khaw said…
The allegation of domestic abuse was not made by his wife but by his son, 19, late one night. Apparently, his son Ashley is such a weakling that he had to call the cops on his blind dad.
Anonymous said…
The best support PC Rathband could have had was from a wife but when his wife only wanted to be friends with him & he must have been hurt & disappointed as her marital vows of for better or for worse meant nothing to her. She turned her back on him when he needed her the most but that's on her conscience now as she has to live with herself now knowing that.
Anonymous said…
The Fact that Kath Rathband has DELETED her twitter account says it all really!! She knows she is going to be slated!!!! and quite rightly so..... I know thousands of couples get divorced.. but... it does seem like she turned her back on David, WHEN HE NEEDED HER MOST!!
Anonymous said…
David Rathband was a family man who had an ordinary sort of life with a wife & children, but his life was to become a nightmare after surviving being shot by Raoul Moat.

David Rathband wasn't a violent man in his marriage & he had a happy marriage for 19 years. There were reports that he had been violent to his wife causing them to separate, but the anger was frustration of trying to cope with life & many people can understand that frustration. He didnt attack his wife to end their marriage as he knew he needed his wife's support & it seems she got fed up of living every day giving him that support so the marriage had to end.

She has removed her Twitter profile & that in itself can mean there is a guilty conscience at how she treated her husband. She could have given him more understanding & more support as a wife than just ending their marriage & she could have done a lot to make life that much bearable by being there for him even when he had so much anger from frustration & so she doesnt deserve any thought of sympathy as she didn't show her own husband much understanding or support when he needed it the most.
Claire Khaw said…
The concept of duty no longer operates or is even understood.

Even if I had a husband who was beating me, even if I had meant to divorce him for beating but for some reason didn't get round to it before he was shot and blinded, I would have felt OBLIGED to stay with him, because I wouldn't want people to think I am the sort of person who would divorce my husband when he goes blind.

I like to think I would have found it fairly easy to dodge any slaps and punches from a blind man, and been able to speak to him in a way that would make him realise how dependent on me he was.

If he still got violent I would be able to give him a few pokes of my broom to calm him down.

I like to think I would do it however much I wanted to go travelling, shopping and partying because I don't want to be known as the sort of wife who would divorce my husband when he became disabled, or show that it is OK to do this sort of thing to my son and my daughter, because I wouldn't want to set a bad example, even if I hated hubby's guts and wished him dead.

But these days, it is do it if it feels good as long as it not paedo, sexist, racist, homophobic and antisemitic and as long as it is organic, fair trade and environmentally-friendly ...
Anonymous said…
I would remind you that things are not always how they seem. How people appear in public, "the hero", may not be the position behind closed doors. To brand a 19 year old a weakling when you know nothing of his life before or indeed after his father was blinded is utterly unforgivable. You should be very ashamed. I knew these people before they became "public property". Believe me you only know a fraction of the reality and what the media want you to know. A sign of this woman's decency is the fact she refuses to enter into the media circus and justify her behaviour. To do that she would have to destroy his reputation and save herself. She has not. That is courage not cowardice. Disgusting behaviour by posting this attack from what I am assuming is an adult who should know better. Grow up and get some perspective rather than judging other people without the full facts.
Claire Khaw said…
As I have already said, even if my husband had been beating me before he was blinded and incapacitated, I would have felt morally obliged to stay with him because I would not want want family and friends - especially my son and daughter - to think that I am the sort of person who thinks it is OK to leave her husband when he is blind.

I think any self-respecting man of 19 would find it shameful to call the cops on his BLIND FATHER.

It is really a sign of the degeneracy of British youth for any young man to be so without pride that he think it is OK to call the cops on his BLIND FATHER.

For Kath Rathband to pretend that she has not heard the criticisms against her does not reflect well on her.

This implies that

1) she thinks nothing of leaving her husband who has been blinded and is being a bit difficult adjusting to life as a blind man

(2) her late husband was being domestically violent towards her

(3) she thinks it was in order for her son to call the cops on his blind father.

Clearly, she does not think that these allegations are serious enough to warrant a response, which speaks volumes about her as a person.
Adolfo said…
And nobody is going to put British women in their place? I mean, those bitches are out of control.
Claire Khaw said…
I'm working on it, Adolfo!
Anonymous said…
she should have stuck by him ...she effectively put the noose round his neck and killed the poor man. shame on her
Anonymous said…
Well how interesting it has gone quiet now the truth is out and he was, even though blind, having an affair; information from his mistress by the way not his wife. Do you have the moral high ground now? so he managed to organise an affair whilst blind, wonder if he managed to hit his wife too? So if you are blind and have an affair should your wife just tolerate it? Perhaps his 19 year old should have just lowered himself and hit him back? No doubt we will all find out now she has been forced to defend herself because of people like you seeking to villify her. And of course you will know by now that she is not going to benefit from his death either as she is not in his will. Perhaps his son should be cut out too for being a "weakling". I wonder if we will find out that this is not his first affair? I wonder if we will find out that the 7/7 victim was just one in a long line, poor woman. Now she deserves your sympathy for falling for the old line of "my wife does not understand me". Oh and by the way, you keep forgetting he left his wife not the other way round which she immediately pointed out on twitter, hence why he was in another house where he could invite his fancywoman to visit. Pathetic moral rants on this blog without any basis in reality or fact.
Claire Khaw said…
If I were Kath Rathband I would have let him have his fun with his 19 year old fancy woman.
Anonymous said…
What a disgusting article, yes David went through hell but to label his son and wife the way you have is absolutely despicable, how dare you judge how they coped with things in this way/.
Claire Khaw said…
I do dare, so there.

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