Why gay marriage is just wrong and will do Cameron no favours

Marriage cannot be for gay people because, when marriage was first created, it was for created people who wanted to get married and have children. Marriage was created with the purpose of making couples stay together for the sake of the children. Gay people don't have children so it doesn't apply to them, just as a man has no need for a maternity bra and a woman has no need for that flap in a pair of boxer shorts.

The liberals are just being STUPID .... again ....

It makes people even more homophobic and does nothing at all to make heterosexual marriage more stable and rewarding for men. Indeed, it turns marriage into something of a mug's game for men and drags it through the poo of sodomy.

To have a Conservative Prime Minister saying he supports gay marriage because he is a Conservative clearly demonstrates that tolerating homosexuality in the first place has led us to this pretty pass.

It just shows that if you give the gay lobby an inch of anal, you will end up having a large hefty cock shoved up through your skull.   This will result in the death of you and your civilisation, of course.

Perhaps it is really the intention of the feminists and the liberals, whose intention appears to be to bring about the destruction of Western civilisation.

Why does David Cameron wish to destroy Western civilisation?  Does he think pandering to the gay vote is more likely to win him the next election than it is likely to alienate Conservative voters?

Perhaps he feels he will get away with it, the way someone may prod at a caged and dangerous beast with a stick and taunt it, and throw objects at it to enrage and infuriate it, because he thinks he will get away with it.

One day soon however, his enemies may set it free so that it may seek him out and wreak its terrible vengeance ...

2015 is really not that far away.


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