Open Letter to Slavoj Zizek

Dear Slavoj Zizek

I notice you never mention FEMINISM.  Is it out of fear or ignorance, I wonder.

You never debate with anyone either.   I am sure you would never dare debate with me.   

I have observed how you are really quite right-wing but continue to pretend that you are a Marxist, in the hope that no one would notice.  

I just watched and saw that you ended by saying the Left would eventually triumph, rather than the Populist Right, for reasons I would suggest are incoherent and facile.   

However, I quite understand, because if you had said the opposite then your income and your invitations to speak would dry up instantly.   

Still , as you say you are a Marxist philosopher, I suppose it is worth asking if you are prepared to debate with a nationalist philosopher.   I do not anticipate an acceptance, because I would expect even a philosophical fraud to to know on which side his bread is buttered.

Claire Khaw


bigbadbull said…
I am not sure about your characterization of Zizek's politics (and to be sure, Zizek's politics is his interventions--he wants to provoke the left) but I am not sure its fair to say that Zizek has never engaged with feminism. In particular I am thinking of the book Contingency, Hegemony and Universality where he has a sustained dialogue with Ernesto Laclau and Judith Butler. Zizek disagrees with Judith on a number of points but I also know that they have a considerable appreciation for one another's work.
Claire Khaw said…
Can you remember what Zizek said about feminism?
Anonymous said…
Zizek is not the law or the church. He is just a person. He doesn't need to say anything about feminism, sun's longevity, infant hunger death in Africa, or natural disasters, no matter how important we might think these topics are.
Claire Khaw said…
I was asking him as a philosopher, and he clearly does not want to answer.

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