"Clare's law"


As I thought, Clare Wood was a Slut Single Mum. This means she was promiscuous. And stupid, because she fucked a murderous maniac who killed her. (How many dates did she wait before she fucked him?  Is she the sort of woman who would fuck a man on the first date?  Most British women would these days, and then discover, too late, that they have fucked a murderous maniac.)  

Now, it is being proposed that men be easily checked up on by any of their female partner's family and friends who don't like the look of you, including possibly her ex.

As long as you are OK about having your privacy intruded upon to protect stupid promiscuous women like her who are stupid enough to fuck maniacs who kill them, then you would be OK about this.  In other words, only if you are stupid and are inclined to lick the boots that kick your stupid ugly arse.

To be honest, I think stupid promiscuous women should just be left to face the consequences of their stupid promiscuous lifestyle choices and the maniacs they find so arousing.  

But hey, this Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland is just stuffed with stupid scared men, so you won't be alone.  You are actually in the majority, so you're OK.    


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